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When have you felt most wanted?

Asked by burntbonez (5197points) December 16th, 2012

By a person? By an employer? For all I know, even by the FBI?

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Well I had a stalker in high school who used to write admiring graffiti about me in the bathroom…

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You know, I’ve never felt wanted. Needed, yes, but not wanted.

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When I thought a sweet new friend loved me.

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When my husband cries. It happens very very rarely. Probably 4 times in 22 years.

When a very close girlfriend told me I was the only person who was understanding during her divorce.

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That’s tough. Wanting is not the same as needing as @mrentropy points out. As @bookish1 points out being wanted can be sick or twisted and is not always returned.

As @janbb and @JLeslie point out it can be a very fulfilling and sweet feeling. Validating and strengthening bonds.

As the op said it could even involve work which unless it is your calling can be validating but not fulfilling or lasting like when you go to a party and your the hot dish.

Lately I feel wanted when my best friend opens up to me. He is so very gaurded that it is a rare and beautiful thing. The catch is he shuts down so quickly.

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It happens every day. I have kids that want me and need me…I have a wife that relies on me and I have employees and partners that depend on me to be there to back them up. Never a moment goes by that someone doesn’t need me.

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I work in a clinical lab and I feel most wanted when things are at their worst. Such as calling critical results to waiting doctors or issuing blood from our blood bank or trouble shooting an out of order analyzer.

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When a certain someone looks at me with a certain look and my insides melt and other really cool things happen to my body.

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By quantity, the times that I’ve felt the most wanted are busy days at work where I come in behind the rookie.

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In a romantic or sexual sense, when I was a teenager and again when my now-husband proposed to me 5 or 6 times before I said yes.

In a work sense, when I called an old employer from 14 or 15 years in the past for a reference, and instead of giving me one he re-hired me on the spot. And again when the founders of Fluther asked me to be the community manager.

In a family sense, when my kids tell me they miss me or can’t wait to see me.

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One horrible night, March 3rd, 1976 in Dunedin, Florida. I was wanted by about about 12 cop cars through 3 cities and a couple of sheriff choppers above. They finally got me surrounded in the yard of a huge cement plant, dragged me out of my car, beat the living shit out of me and put my ass in jail. Thank god nobody but me got hurt that night. I beat the case on the recently established Supreme Court decision to define a speedy trial to the riotous dismay of about 20 cops present in the courtroom as witnesses, and I have been a model citizen ever since. Mr. Fox’s Wild Ride, man. I am one lucky sonofabitch and I never forget it.

Because of this incredible break, I have been priviledged with a career that allows me to be both wanted and needed by many people for many years..

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I was regularly phoned by similar companies in my industry with offers. I did feel very wanted. That seems like eons ago.

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When my dawg wants a shit she looks at me as if to say “makes no difference to me, I ain’t gotta clean it up!”

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When a linguistically-challenged Uncle Sam was running low on fresh bodies for the Vietnam War:

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