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What did you consciously change in 2012?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (30390points) December 16th, 2012

This year, I consciously pursued a romantic relationship in a new fashion. Instead of jumping in over my head with a stranger and backing off bit by bit as things went awry, I made friends with a man first, and we are currently building up to more serious aspects. It’s working out very well so far.

I changed this behavior after considered thought and consultation with others I trust.

Did you change a behavior this year after thinking about it long and hard?

Please, let us hear stories about changes to doing things and not just thinking about doing. Have your actions changed this year?

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No, not this year, but, I made multiple, huge, sweeping, changes in the last decade.
The last few years have been a phase of rest and integration, but, the powers that be are about to move me up to a brand new desk at the front of the class here again soon.
2013 will have me making big changes again with work and possibly my living situation. Right now, it’s all wide open. Into the great wide open….yet again. lol

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My credit card number.

Lost the old one.

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That’s great to hear, @Hawaii_Jake. Good for you, man! Also, good question.

I guess one of my biggest changes in behavior this past year was not pursuing romantic relationships at all! I’ve been in relationships more often than not since I was 14, and I realized that I needed to learn to be ok with being single. I’m going through a second adolescence physically and emotionally, and I need to get used to my new self, and I’m probably too crazy to be with anyone right now anyway. It’s painful, it’s an apprenticeship in loneliness, but it’s something I really felt that I needed to do and I hope it will be good for me.

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I had a prolonged exit from my most recent LTR, and I decided that I was going to try dating, and that I was going to be really specific about what I was looking for instead of just going with a connection that might prove compelling but also would be likely to require a lot of compromise. Recently, I found someone who’s really great. Things are still new, but it’s been good so far being with someone who speaks your language.

I also got an app that sets out a program for working up to 100 pushups. I decided to start with knee pushups, because I wanted to try doing it the “lazy” way. What I’ve found is that I’m five weeks in (5 more weeks of knees and then on to 10 weeks of regular), and more often than not I’m looking forward to doing them. I want to try another, similar program called “Couch to 5k” as soon as I get some time.

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Finally closed a few important chapters, burned a few bridges, threw out a lot of crap I didn’t need anymore, started being very honest with people, and freed myself from a couple of pointless habits. All in all it was a good, productive year.

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I quit smoking, joined a gym, and stopped my caffeine intake, and have decided I’d be better off being alone. All in one weekend.

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I broke up with my husband.

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I have become a boulevardier – a goer out and doer of things since my marriage ended instead of a depressed stay at home. I became a driving force of the walking group I joined, learned several new skills, gained confidence in my ability to stand alone and learned to trust myself. I have also consciously fought my way back from near breakdown many times. I am trying to live with the awareness that there is no safety in the world.

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@janbb Yep, learning to live with uncertainty, tis the task of a lifetime and not easy. :-)

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I recommitted to finishing my graduate degree at the beginning of the year, and am kind of surprised that I’m actually on track with that. Also, me and my gentleman friend got engaged.

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This year, I’ve been able to say I have an eating disorder though my eating has been disordered for years. There were many failing attempts to ‘get a grip,’ so to speak. At some point I tried hypnotherapy and a couple of months later, its results helped, along with yet another attempt at having an even-handed relationship with food and my partner’s support and other people helping, I was able to get back on track and start a food diary and since Oct 13th, I’ve considered myself in recovery.

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Changed most of my light bulbs over to led’s skipping compact fluorescent

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My eating habits.

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Congratulations on making that change! I did the same thing three years ago – made a conscious decision to work at building a strong, healthy relationship from the outset – week got engaged earlier this year, and a week from today is the 3-year anniversary of our first romantic date.

I have been a bit lax in the personal development this year, partly for health reasons. I’ve not been as careful to think before I speak (or press ‘Send’), and I’ve been slacking at some of the healthier habits I had previously put effort into. I am in the process of mentally gearing up to get back on track. It is coincidence that this is happening as we change calendars… I acknowledge that progress is made by putting one foot in front of the other regardless of the external factors.

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I meditate on a daily basis, more than ever before. I think this year is cut out for this.
I think daily meditation is ideal for relaxing and allowing the intense cosmic energies to flow through myself, rather than resisting them. It is known for facilitating the process of raising my consciousness and vibration.
I made up my mind to stay centered.
While I am going about my day, I try to remember as often as possible to shift my attention back to that calm inner center I’ve touched upon in meditation. One effective method for doing this is simply paying attention to my breathing – for a few moments when I am getting stressed or in between tasks.
My view is that remembering to stay centered is a very effective way to reduce stress, as well as a good way to get use to living at a higher vibration. Currently we are being subjected to powerful upward and downward pulling energies. Shifting back to my calm center as often as possible helps me stay aligned with the upward pull.
I tried all year long to learn how to trust in higher guidance and assistance.
I got plenty of vitamin B. I told myself that these are extraordinary times and that it will happen only once.

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I changed a little but not a lot.

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