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Do you think you could be the person who leads spirits to their final judgement?

Asked by BBawlight (2400points) December 16th, 2012

I know this sounds quite silly, but do you think you could be that person in-between death and judgement?
I’m not explaining what exactly happens after death. I’m just asking if there was this “person” that led us along in the afterlife, could you be that person? Think of all the psychological aspects of this job before answering, please.

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Sure. Where do I sign up?

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This is an impossible job to imagine. But heck. If I was an expert at the highways and biways of the afterlife, I’d be happy to lead people around. In real life, I give people directions all the time. I do mapping work. So I’m a guide. I have no way of knowing the the skill set would be much different in the afterlife, except perhaps people would be more disoriented.

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Yes, I’m definitely the man for the job. I feel that I was born to lead spirits to their final judgement—it’s always been my dream job. I believe I have all the relevant skills required to fulfill this job, and I honestly can’t imagine myself doing anything else. If you want an enthusiastic and dedicated spirit guide, then look no further!

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I wonder if being between death and judgment is much different from being between judgment and death. It’s just a bit of reversal. Time running the other way, really.

You’ve died, and now you’re going backwards, to be judged for an eternity. You’re probably totally grateful that you have consciousness. I expect people would be completely giddy. It really won’t matter how they are judged. It’ll be more like Hogwart’s sorting cap. They’ll just be happy death wasn’t the end.

So it’ll be like they are drunk, and I’d have to sort them out and keep them moving on to the next thing. A kind of tour guide of cats. I think it would be a horrible job. I’d find myself wishing death really were the end for most of them. This bonus life is just too much. But I’d keep my opinions to myself and go home at the end of each day, having done a good job, and ready to kick back and relax.

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@Kropotkin is a foreigner trying to steal muh job.

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It sounds a little tedious. Could there at least be a boat ride involved?

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The union does not permit boats.

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Hmm. Flight?

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Federal Railroad Administration certification

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I’ve never thought of a railway to the afterlife. That could be something. Ok, I’ll apply.

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I saw it in a movie. In fact, I have constructed a whole theology surrounding that movie.

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@Kropotkin; You’d be on my short list and called back for a second interview. What’s your salary range?

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I would like the job, but I am a terrible chess player.

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No not really. I’m an agnostic atheist so I just can’t bear the thought of suffering from an endless barrage of “I told you sos.” But I will take it, as long as I could play the theme music or theme songs for each of the spirits I guide. I figure I’d be using the Jaws theme often.

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Sure. Impartial and maybe not as clueless. Compassionate dealing with high volume. People person. Mini counselor. Maybe reassuring or kind.

I wouldn’t say it was my first choice. But I could hack it.

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No need as those who have gone before us have that job position well attended to.

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I don’t think I could manage it. All the sturm und drang, fear, and suspense would be too much. I’ll assume I would have been all through that, but I don’t want to face it empathetically.

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I could be. I’m really good at supporting others’ emotions, even crazies emotions. I could provide them with the calmness, understanding and humor to help them across.

But not to “judgment.” I couldn’t deposit anyone at the maw of a fiery pit, but I don’t believe in Hell anyway—I believe our “judgement” will just be a review of our lives, where we come to an understanding of how we affected others, the world and ultimately ourselves. No punishment involved.

I can NOT buy into the concept of punishment after death—it’s a man-made concept related to control and authority. I’ve experienced too much love from the other side to believe in punishment/judgement/Hell/etc.

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No, I don’t like spirits, i’m strictly a beer man.

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It wouldn’t be easy. You’d have to deal with an almost constant stream of people angry or fearful about their death, with only the occasional person expressing relief or gratitude. Insofar as I do not take Hell to be a possible outcome for the afterlife, however, at least the job would not involve bringing anyone to worse than what they were leaving. That would relieve some of the burden, on both the psychopomp and the recently deceased. I think I could handle it. I’ve dealt with death quite a bit on this side, both concretely and in the abstract. I just hope I wouldn’t have to deal with too many runners!

@ragingloli For some reason, I was expecting this. Should have known better.

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I have a terrible sense of direction.

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