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Why are fence boards kinda shiny on one side and rough on the other?

Asked by robmandu (21306points) June 7th, 2008

You know, like the el cheapo boarding you can get at Home Depot™ for a backyard fence. It’s got a different texture on one side than the other. When putting up the fence, you gotta make sure all the shiny is facing either in or out (per your preference).

Since all the wood is from inside a tree, how come the texture is different?

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The planer they use. The rough side is likely cut with a saw and the smooth side is ran through a planer to make sure the board is the proper depth. The planer makes a much smoother surface.

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it’s so the fence makers know which side is the out side. LOL

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cheaper boards are only planed on one side to save time and costs.

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