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Can you legally have numbers in your name?

Asked by crunchaweezy (1733points) June 7th, 2008

I’ve always wondered if I wanted to change my name, could I include numbers?

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You want your name to be a license plate?

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I think it depends on the judge when you change your name.

I heard that it’s super easy to name a newborn anything you wnat, but not so easy to change your name in court.

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How does it work? If it’s too ridiculous they won’t let you? Or depending on the judges mood? lol

Pay the judge off?

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Well, didn’t a couple try including an ”@” sign in their kid’s name? I’m pretty sure a judge made them change it. This may also have been in China, though…

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“Minnesota’s Supreme Court once ruled that a man who wanted to change his name to the number “1069” could not legally do so, but suggested that “Ten Sixty-Nine” might be acceptable (Application of Dengler , 287 NW2d 637 (1979)).”–7305-4E94–8D24DB5866EEE3CB/118/121/FAQ/

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What about a New Jersey court?

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If Prince can have a symbol as his name, I don’t see why a number wouldn’t be allowed.

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There is an up-and-coming writer in New York City named Jennifer 8. Lee.


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Is it a real name, or a nickname?

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it is her real name. In Chinese superstition, 8 is considered a lucky number, so her parents put it into her name. I have met her several times, and she says it’s something she is always asked about. She has many anecdotes about filling out forms and things like that. Apparently it is legal and they can’t do anything about it.

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I have a friend who legally changed their last name to Superstar, and another who changed it to Magic, so I’d say anything is possible if you make a good case for it…

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Ok, what would be next. Number on you hand. What about 666 that would be a good one. Its just a number right.

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You know we can have names like name, Sr or Jr so think it would be a good idea to have names like Crunch the 7 or The 7th Crunch…......hmmmm something to think about

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Don’t they do Crunch the III?

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Roman numerals are accepted as a suffix.

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@crunchaweezy Yeah, that would fly

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@ezraglenn, Where did you meet her? I loved the book, especially the bit about the kids in a school in rural China learning the names of the vegetables in English?


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she’s come to my school a few times to talk to the editors of he newspaper as a rep. of the NYT (I was the photo editor). She is really funny and generous with her time. I have been meaning to read her book. Summer reading…

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