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What things come to your mind when you hear the name Grant?

Asked by partyrock (3870points) December 18th, 2012

What do you think of the name Grant for a boy? Do you like it? What does it remind of you? Just like to hear everyone’s opinions on names :) Do you like the name Alexander better? Thanks

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I have a step-son whose name is. curiously, Alexander Grant. I love him.

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I think of the literal meaning of the word ‘grant.’

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I think of $5.00 US.

I like the name.

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Do you mean the fifty, @jaytkay?

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My first thought was Grant Wood (positive).
My second thought was Ulysses S. (positive)
My third was Hugh Grant (mixed).

So, overall pretty good name, I hope it goes well with the Last Name.

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High school buddy, he had two brothers and a sister.

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@Jeruba Yes, I meant fifty.

Jeez, I’m from Illinois, you’d think I would know Grant from Lincoln

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Grant Alexander has a distinct air to it. Alex as a first name I wouldn’t do but that might be because of the Alex and Alexia Lexie’s I know.

Or because it bears a resembalance to Alexander the Great. Oh hey Xander… total Buffy moment. I never actually met a Xander, or a Buffy Willow Or Angel for that matter. Maybe that is why Seth didn’t belong, his name was too nomral.

Moving along. Yes Grant Alexander or the opposite.

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The first thing I think about is Grant’s tomb. The second is a boy who used to be a piano student with my son’s teacher.

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My college roommate’s first boyfriend. He looked like a cross between Rick Astley and Tony Robbins. Wow, was he annoying.

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Ulysses S. Grant was my initial thought.

Now that I know the context, I think it is a nice first name for a boy. It sounds strong, isn’t overly used and isn’t way out in left field. I like Alexander, but I think I prefer Grant.

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Hugh Grant
Cary Grant
Ulysses S Grant
Pell Grant

Grant is a good name, I like it. Alexander Grant makes me think of Alexander Graham Bell. I like Grant Alexander.

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My step-son, Alexander Grant, goes by Grant.

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It’s a nice strong name. Hearing it makes me think of ‘grant me a wish’...

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I think of government grants and how I wish the government would grant me a grant to observe the daily life cycle of Chinese Geese. haha

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Ulysses S. Grant was first. Then a person I know whose name is grant.

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Free money.

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@gailcalled Wow what a coincidence, and a great name! I love those two names together, his parents have good taste :) Love it

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Judy, Judy.

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Eastenders I don’t watch it but my mum did when I was living with her and there was a character called Grant Mitchell.

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Ulysses. Also a loser I know named Grant.

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