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Are we, or should we be, expecting some kind of public craziness come Friday?

Asked by Jeruba (45935points) December 18th, 2012

I honestly thought all the 12/21 nuttiness would blow over pretty fast, as this forecast suggests.

But in the paper today I saw an item that said 12% of Americans are worried and some teenagers have talked about suicide.

Do you know of anyone who is seriously upset about some ancient prediction playing out in the next few days?

Should we be bracing ourselves, not for the end of the world but for some lunacy on the part of people who actually think something is going to happen? If so, how?

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I hate to say that I feel somehow let down every day there’s not mass acts of public craziness and I hate feeling that way, but there it is.

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I was thinking of getting a haircut. Is that wild enough?

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I know noone who is worried about this. It’s a joke for everyone I know. I can’t imagine anyone actually doing something crazy for this day. I mean, we have new dates for the end of the world several times a year. How could anyone with half a brain take it seriously?

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I have plans with my best friend to run trough the streats screaming “OH MY GOD, WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE!”
It’s also my moms birthday that day. :D
Happy birthday mom!

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Just brace yourself for some lunacy. The minds of the masses is beyond comprehension in this day and age.

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@Adirondackwannabe, but it’s cold. :)

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Okay. We’ll revisit this in July. Live in frigging Alaska crazy lady. :)

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As long as they don’t hurt anyone else, I can’t muster much concern over a person who wants to beat a Mayan prophecy to the punch. Perhaps there can be a Darwin Award ceremony following.

I actually find it quite hard to believe that any teenager could plan suicide over this event – I suspect if they exist, they were playing with the interviewers.

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If we look back to the year 2000, it got some people worried. I heard stories of people loading up on canned goods and water and even quitting their jobs after learning that all the world’s computers would reset and nothing would work anymore. or maybe that was actually just some King of the Hill Y2K special
But for the most part, most people weren’t all that concerned and paid little to no attention, and there actually was some truth to this…like old computers, programs and stuff that weren’t actually programmed to calculate over the year 1999. Except I believe most of this kind of stuff was fixed/updated/replaced a few years before. You know things like big programs that control street lights, bank accounts, stuff like that.

So, my guess is that this probably won’t be that huge a deal either. Of course, we’re most likely to see some stories on the news about it very soon, about people freaking out or whatever. But I’m betting that most people won’t bother with this. The fact that Y2K had some cred and that not so many freaked out tells me that 2012 will push over just as much. And this 2012 thing has even less credibility than Y2K did. All I’ve ever heard about this that can be related to something that isn’t complete nonsense is that historians and researchers discovered that the Mayan calendar, in the way it worked and how days were calculated, doesn’t do it properly after 2012. (which is funny thinking that they had calendars back then that recorded further than old street lights from the fifties) Like for example, if you take last year’s calendar and use it to for this year, it’s not gonna work, right?

And after hearing that, the people who like/believe this stuff said that the end of the world prediction foretold by the Mayans was wrongly calculated, and that the end of the world is said, according to the Mayans, to actually occur much later. I’ve heard it was somewhere in the year 5000. Which is pretty funny…turn around 2012 and what do you get? 5015. It’s completely ridiculous.
I admit, I saw this on FB, but LONG before I saw that joke just tonight, I did read that this particular apocalypse was miscalculated and it was theorized to be set in the year 5000.

Nah, not much is going to happen and I don’t think the majority of people are going to do anything…hopefully I’m not jinxing myself, and am not gonna see some crazy story soon after about some dude who married a crocodile or something.

The end of the world is ordained like all the time, and there are too many people with busy lives to pay much attention to it, at least in modern times. which would show us, if it was actually real lmao

I read about cults and sects and stuff, where the small amount of people involved in them tend to generate much more outrageous behaviors and actions, like for example some preacher dude who says the Apocalypse is comin’ ahead soon, and his followers quit their jobs and stuff…but it’s not really the same, and involves a much smaller amount of people than stuff like Y2K or 2012, so just by statistics alone which I can’t prove I’m confident in saying that not a hell of a lot is going to occur. Besides shitty ass movies based on the mythical event…and some exist already,. since like 2010.

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I read something that said the Mayan calendar forgot to include leap years therefore we have already passed the day that we are to meet our demise and nothing happened. Just pass the word around and all will be well.

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Probably only in America, you know what they’re like ;¬}
I do however expect a rash of questions on here about the non-subject…sigh.

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I am planning some Christmas shopping. I am hoping my shopping expedition is not ruined by the world ending.

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I’m just sad that I still can’t find a good way to turn this into a practical joke.

Y2K was easy. Wait until everyone goes to bed and flip the main breaker on the house. Laugh uncontrollably as batshit crazy stepfather starts ranting about how none of us believed him, and aren’t we glad we have a shed full of fresh drinking water and propane tanks for our Coleman stove.

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I don’t know anyone personally who takes this stuff seriously, but I know of someone who does. When the Y2K thing was the big deal, my mother’s husband’s daughter gave everyone in their family a gas mask for Christmas. She did so in all seriousness. I guess this time around she won’t have bought any Christmas presents at all!

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@Seek_Kolinahr That’s so mean!

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Ah, my stepfather’s a jerk. He was literally stocking ammunition in order to loot more effectively after the shiz hit the fan. It was hilarious.

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@Seek_Kolinahr, do you have an old radio that you can tune to receive only static? and a sheet of opaque black plastic (like for weed-proofing your landscaping), big enough to cover a window?

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