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Anyone else feeling a sense of impending doom?

Asked by noelasun (1894points) June 5th, 2009

I’ve been feeling like I’ve been kicked the the stomach for awhile now whenever I think of the current state of affairs. But since a few weeks ago, I can’t seem to shake this crazy feeling of fear I have… as I said, of very imminent… Some danger.
It’s gotten ridiculous to the point where now whenever I look at house floorplans, houses on the market, (my hobby) I think in terms of how easily defensible is this home?
Now the person I normally am doesn’t think twice about things like this (such as thinking that floor to ceiling windows aren’t safe and looking for good cellar designs)
But between news reports on budget issues, north korea, and the realization that if something were to happen, today, to cut off all modern communication, I’d have no idea how to get in touch with the people I love-

Well, I’m just curious. Am I on my own here? Am I just going crazy???

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Crazy, maybe no, but I would say that your level of anxiety is not really normal. Perhaps seeing a doctor would benefit you. The world is no more closer to doomsday than it was yesterday. North Korea has a habit of exaggerating, I consider them to be like a forum troll, not worthy of being upset over.

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No but that’s because I’m really old and have seen a lot of ups and downs and so far, there are more ups.

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I agree, It’s not that I’m hiding under my desk,

but this sense that we’re so unprepared.
Like my car. When I open it up, I have no idea what what is. There’s a huge cover over the engine. I just feel like I’m so dependent on the whole. Too dependent.

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I recently had the occassion to research FEMA detention camps in the USA and became quite fearful of what would happen if they took my hubby and sons to one of them.

Until the economy gets on the upswing, we all will have strange fears.

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Maybe you need an uplifting experience. How about you read Obama speech in Cairo and share with us how you feel afterward

The news media love to focus on the doom part. But there’s also the audacity of hope and it’s real. There’s progress in the world we tend to overlook.

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@mattbrowne I’ve started reading the speech, (Thank You for the Link) I’ll finish it after lunch, But it’s already helped me identify what is making me so edgy. I think I might be going through a stage where I’m reassessing my faith in the general population. Democracy and free speech and everything were Ideals I’ve believed in since kindergarten. And the whole “the greater the capacity for evil, the greater the capacity for good”... And I used to have a firm trust that we’d make good choices as a whole.
Right now, that trust is being thought through… And right now, I’m not so sure I’ll come out the other end of this with that same trust.

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My husband and I like to imagine the first conversation between human beings as going like this:

OOG: Holy s#@&, I can talk!
MOOG: Everything is going to hell in a handbasket.

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@jeruba, you and your husband are a witty pair.

watching obama circle the globe making a fool of himself and the u.s. by extension suggests an increasing potential for impending doom

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@noelasun – Let’s discuss it when you’re done reading!

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I have too many things to worry about right here in River City to feel a generalized sense of doom. However, I have friends who are retired from military security who do plenty of worrying for me. I figure if worse ever really comes to worse I’ll head over to their place.~

Actually, the human race has had so many ups and downs that all we can do is to continue to try our best. That is what Obama was elected to do and what he seems to be trying to do, and that’s what most of us need to turn our hands to every day.

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@jeruba, it should be noted however that moog, despite his gloomy outlook, went on to invent the synthesizer.

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I’ve read a lot of conspiracy-type info, so I’m very dialed in to the doom-inducing possibilities. I am convinced beyond a doubt that jets are spraying chemtrails, that our economic collapse was engineered, that Monsanto is taking over our food supply, that diseases such as swine flu and wars are engineered to forward a population control agenda, and that the “left” and the “right” are both pushing us toward fascism. In short, barring intervention, we are fucked.

The hope in all this is that there are people in high places who are loyal to “our” people and ideals, that we can affect change by withdrawing our voluntary participation, that love can conquer all, and that good and evil probably balance out over time. Sadly, many do not realize that evil masquerades as good and tricks people into giving there support. I wouldn’t say Obama, for example, is inherently evil as a person, but his handlers and his machine (or perhaps the parasitic faction that has taken over our government) most definitely is. IMHO, JFK & RFK were the last presidents to try to buck that faction in earnest and were “neutralized” as a result.

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If I may continue, I would add that these media-bonanza type crises are kind of bullshit and I wouldn’t put much stock in them. They are meant to inject daily doses of fear and anxiety into our lives and to keep (by way of distraction) the “real” bad stuff from crossing our desks. E.g. Georgia’s action against South Ossetia took place on the opening night of the Olympics, but all you heard on CNN was Cheney and Rice rattling the saber over Russian aggression. Same with this pirate bullshit. You don’t really hear about how Europe is dumping nuclear waste off one section of their coastline and how many nations are stealing seafood from another section.

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RFK was never president.

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Right. I didn’t mean to say that. My error.

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I have this sense that we are moving toward a point of major instability that will result in a major transformation. If, as many believe, our current lifestyle is unsustainable then something will have to give. We will run out of fuel or the oceans will flood our coasts or people will rebel against technology. Some have spoken of a new Dark Age. It may take a few generations but I think something is going to occur that will result in the short term in chaos but in the end will work out. Maybe we will become less materialistic and more spiritual one can always dream

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I’ve had this feeling of impending doom for a couple months with increasing frequency. Intellectually I have small ideas about many scenarios that could happen but since these feelings have increased in intensity and duration I can describe it a little more articulately.

In my experience it is an almost empathic or emotional feeling stemming from my core along my spinal column into the base of my skull. It feels slightly fearful, anxious and also as if it may not be completely tangible as to precisely what is wrong; although it seems as though it could be that something is already wrong and likely it concerns largely the nature of reality and human consciousness.

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I have since January 20 2009

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@Noel_S_Leitmotiv, ha ha!

Were you born on the 19th? ;-)

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Anybody watched home?
talk about feeding the fire…
(my impending sense of doom fire I mean)

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