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Is it odd to have three lefties (left-handed people) in one immediate family?

Asked by thebeadholder (872points) June 7th, 2008
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No! I think its fascinating. Myself, my dad, and two aunts are left handed. My boyfriend is left handed as well.. We like it because we can sit by eachother at a restaraunt and not bump into eachother!

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LOL…I hear that!

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I believe that hand-dominance is considered hereditary.

this article touches on it:
this is the “Lefty Gene”:

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No, but is it odd that my dad was left-handed, and every boyfriend and now my husband were left-handed??

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Ezra is right on target. It certainly is genetic, and a gene linkage has been found for left-handedness, although only about 10% of people are born left handed.

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Thank you Ezra…so very informative. Made me a little nervous though when I read that this gene also slightly raises the risk of psychotic mental illnesses such as schizophrenia. Maybe that is what’s going on…LOL!

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My sister is left-handed so that makes sense…

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I am left-handed.
My wife is not,

When we bought our first apartment, we also purchased a round kitchen table from the lady who sold us the apartment and we used that table in the apartment and in our first house and in our second house and ultimately in the third house where we now live.

My eldest child is left-handed,
my middle child is left-handed,
my third child is left-handed.

And it drove my wife crazy because there was nowhere for her to sit without banging into someone’s elbow.

So two years ago we bought a rectangular table, which finally made her happy.


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My dad and sister are left hand well techniqualy my dad is Ambidextrous but dominate on his left hand. he rights with his left hand and does most stuff on the right side for example batting, he bats right handed so does that count? I think its kinda cool to have 3 lefties in your immediate family it makes things easier, especially since right handers are more common.

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