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OK: I've been buying and wrapping presents now forever. When should I stop?

Asked by Aster (18313points) December 20th, 2012

When do you think women should discontinue buying, tagging, exchanging and wrapping Christmas presents? When they’re ninety? Eighty? I have some friends who now simply send checks. Don’t tell me it’s a joy because I hate it. I can’t see sending a check to my daughter and kids because they not only live fifteen miles away they also like to come over here and unwrap them!

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I have severely limited the amount I do and spend on the holidays over the last few years. A check for something special we discuss to each of my adult sons, a sweater or something for my DIL and a few toys for Jake. I’m kind of done with the big Christmas thing, especially since I have to shlep it with me on a plane.

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It’s a personal decision. If you hate it (which is very strong language), then find a better solution. Discuss this with your daughter, for starters.

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When the grandkids reach 20 years of age or so. Or when you decide, “That’s enough.” Some people say it’s when you stop getting thank you notes.

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TWENTY years of age? With five or six gifts each? How dreadful.

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When it’s too much for you.

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@Aster: Who said anything about giving five or six gifts to twenty-year olds?

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When you want to stop, stop – or perhaps scale back. If it feels like only an obligation and you derive no pleasure from the giving, something is wrong there.

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When you done wrapping mine :)

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Simon says stop.

There, you’re free.

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When the director inside you yells “it’s a wrap!”

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Never do anything you hate. Buy those lovely gift bags which come in every size and just drop the gift in the bag.

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Two words: Gift Cards

The Walgreens near my house has a very large end-cap section jammed with every gift card you could imagine. Restaurants, stores, Amazon, iTunes, car washes – you name it.

Figure out what to spend on each person and go. You’ll have it all done in less than an hour.

They even have little seasonally decorative envelopes and tins to put them in – so no wrapping.

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I bought 2 gift cards but the store was out of Christmas gift bags. Thanks, @YARNLADY ! I do have one of those right here!

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No one is forcing you to do this. You just have to find a way to rein yourself in. Bring it back to a manageable level.

Of course, methinks thou dost protest too much. I think you love it but just want to complain a little.

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Haha @Aster
Sip some eggnog and brandy, it’ll be alright. Don’t end up in the ER. lol

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I have stopped completely – well, almost. Today I bought gift cards for the two clerical staff who are very helpful to me day in and day out, sort of an Christmas bonus / end of year thank-you gift. I also got gift cards for my bff, who is ridiculously enmeshed in the gift-giving culture.

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