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Could you help me identify these seemingly Realist still life floral paintings?

Asked by _Whitetigress (4362points) December 20th, 2012

I want to say they are Courbet. But I can’t find them on the internet. So maybe some other French Realist?

Image 1

image 2

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They look like they might be by Severin Roesen
I recognize the color palette and the look of them because I have this poetry book and one of his paintings is on the cover. Sorry but I don’t have the patience to look through all of the images to match them up to yours but it’s just a wild guess!
Here’s his Wikipedia page.
Thev Wikipedia article also mentions this artist.

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Now you have got me going!! I love the work of this artist, Rachel Ruysch!
sorry, but I cannot find your paintings…yet. However, I am really enjoying the search, so thanks for asking the question, lol

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We are so close earthgirl!

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@_Whitetigress Now I am learning all about Flemish and Dutch still life painting! I love the way they included seashells and insects in some of the paintings.

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Not just the Flemish and Dutch.

Still llife with peppermint and currants 3” x 5”

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Hmm possibly it could be Jean Baptiste Monnoyer but I cant find the exact images.

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I was on the mark with Rachel Ruyscht. She is the artist for image #2.
Bouquet of Flowers by Rachel Rausch

A lot of these artists have more than one spelling for their name, so I’m not sure if I got it wrong or if it’s just an alternate spelling,
Here is some info on her life and images of a few more of her paintings. Enjoy!
And some more

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I think image 1 is by Jean Baptiste Monnoyer. He worked at the Gobelin tapestry studios and was famous for his florals. He was born in France, studied in Antwerp, later moved to Paris and ended his life in England. His work is in many museum collections and many of the great mansions in England including Kensington Palace. He also worked at Versailles. His son Antoine was also a painter and there is a story that he left France in a fit of pique due to the fact that his son, who was an inferior (some say) painter, was allowed to correct and change things in his paintings. I don’t know if that story is true, but he was a hugely successful painter. His style is very copied. In his time there was a whole circle of artists that he worked with who emulated him.

I tell you all this, but I’m really not sure if the painting is one of his. It might be someone who worked in his style. It’s also hard to see because your image is not very clear. The one thing that seemed unique (or fairly unusual in other painter’s work of this era) is the bas relief and fluted vases that he likes to use for his floral arrangements. He worked with Charles Le Brun at Versailles and he also designed furniture. He was influenced by the Dutch but he had a French delicacy to his work.
You can see some similar vases in his paintings here but of course that isn’t conclusive at all. I also think he did similar color palettes, but that is not unique to him, of course.
You have given me an art mystery….
There are probably hundreds of similar paintings but somehow, I think my hunch is correct.

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