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How to design a video like this?

Asked by stephen (351points) June 8th, 2008

the technologies and applications it based on? looks like some 3D stuff, does this created in 3d application?

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Yes, it’s a combination of 2-D and 3-D computer animation. Most likely, it was a combination of a program like Maya (animation/modeling/content creation), and Flame (compositing/visual effects), as were credited in the vimeo page you linked here.

These programs are pro-quality, and are part of a suite of apps that are used pretty prolifically in the industry. The company to look up for both apps is called Autodesk.

Awesome video btw-amazing.

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WOW…that was cool. Thanks for the link!

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Very very cool. Thanks for sharing

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yeah,its cool. but plz say something about my question after u enjoy this video? how much time should be taken to finish a video like this?

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Many, many hours, by a team of animators, designers, editors, and technicians. Just look at the credits list below the video. As to how many exactly, well, I wasn’t there so I have no idea.

If you’re into this kind of thing, why don’t you research it further by contacting a school that specializes in training in 3D animation or game design? That’s a great way to get a clearer picture as to the time commitment for this kind of work.

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@sndfreQ, i have learned some program languages and graphic technologies and hope to be a web developer, i just think that will be good if i can add some 3d stuff into my flash site or app,

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That’s great to hear…sounds like you have a finger on the pulse of where a lot of the multimedia industry is heading. I think some training with applied technology and fine art exposure will help you a great deal. Even an extension course at a community college could help open some of those doors for you. In many cases there are fine art schools and colleges that have that kind of curriculum in place. Where I live, one of the country’s leading art colleges (Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA) has created an extensive and robust community education program for professionals seeking “a la carte” training.

Good luck with that. Feel free to PM me if you want more info.

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If you want to learn professional 3D you might consider a course at Ringling School of Art and Design. I got my BFA there and at the time (about 4 years ago) it was the best program around.

And yeah look at the credits, there were like 25 people working on that one animation and it probably took them quite a while. Don’t expect to get results like that without a team (or years of work on your own…).

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