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Does anyone have a link to what they concider the best Alien/UFO video?

Asked by LeotCol (2275points) December 20th, 2009

This just sorta came up in my head from all the recent talks about the Norwegian Spiral that was allegedly an out of control missile. And the pyramid that was floating over Moscow… that only two people happened to record on video.

The videos don’t necessarily have to be real or pretending to be real.

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@delta214 you tricky fecker. That song is too damn catchy

HighShaman's avatar has several alien / UFO videos ..just type the word in the search and you’ll get enought to keep you watching for hours…

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@HighShaman your right a search of youtube is probably the best UFO video

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This video explains what’s going on –

This video has added flightpath tracking of the same incident showing objects maneuvering, changing speed/direction –

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the one from china ( I don’t know how to link hehe it’s on you tube)

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My favorite is the film, The UFO Incident, that chronicles the “true” story of Betty and Barney Hill who were taken aboard a UFO, examined in separate rooms, then underwent hypnosis separately. The stories they told were almost identical. The book ,“Captured!” is fantastic and very scary!

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There is one on Youtube with Buz Aldein and there is this show I recently watched. I will post the link. If it does not work go to and look up nasa’s unexplained files. I DVRed the show. It was intersting.
For some reason some links don’t work from here.

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Anyone that was advanced enough to detect or visit us would likely accidentally overlook us.

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