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Imagine you could say 12 words to anyone in history who would you speak to and why?

Asked by flutherother (27324points) December 22nd, 2012

A crazy question based on a crazy dream I had last night. I dreamed I warned Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria there was a plot to assasinate him and so I prevented the First World War (and maybe the Second as well). What would you want to change?

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I’d tell Hitler as a child…“I’m going to kill you, The Boys From Brazil has inspired me.”
As for why, for the lulz, pure & simple.

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To Tesla….“Don’t trust Edison, he’s a egomaniacal greedy douche nozzle”

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I would go back to late 1993 and say to my mom, “Your doctor is an idiot. This is not allergies, it’s Hodgkin’s Disease.”

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I would tell the person that invented the Jesus Myth, “Nah, Jesus is a terrible name. You really should use ‘Spiderman’ instead.”

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To Nelson Mandela ” You are going to be a great world leader one day grin and bare this crappy cell”

but he would have replied “I know I have a vision, where is yours?”

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John Kennedy: Avoid assassination in Dallas in November. And get out of Viet Nam.

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I used to like to talk to Kathy and Holly, but I only had Kathy in home room, and Holly wasn’t in History. I’d just listen in History.

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Read the avalanche warnings. Carry a radio beacon. Stay off the mountain.

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Gore: Don’t give in, the count is in your favor, don’t concede.

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If they get to talk back I would ask my paternal grandfather about his life.

Can I go back and tell myself something in the past? I would warn myself about a medical problem.

As far as some well known person in history. So hard to say, who knows what happens if you change some major part of history? Puts everything on a different time line. The ultimate problem with going back in time. It would be great to say something that stops Hitler. Would that result in no Israel? Maybe not, maybe the countries would still like the idea of the Jews moving to israel. But, would European Jews be as motivated to move without The Holocaust?

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Hitler: Thank you for invading the Soviet Union. That was a brilliant decision.

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I would tell Wat Tyler, “do not approach the King—the mayor beside him will kill you.”

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To Bill Clinton. Please, Mr. President, let it be my dick this plump chick swallows…

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I would ask God, What in the sweet name of Christ where you thinking Old Man?

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I would’ve told President Roosevelt two days before Pearl Harbor that;
a huge Tsunami was seen headed toward Hawaii and we must evacuate.
I wouldn’t have said the Japanese were coming because he would’ve probably thought me mad.

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They already knew the Japanese were coming.

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Dude these history questions are hard. I’ve been working on this for a day. I feel like as soon as I post one answer, I’m going to come up with a better one… This is like writing free verse historical counterfactuals!

Mao before the ‘Great Leap Forward’: You don’t know economics. Quit your day job to write poetry full-time.

Stalin in 1924: Here is a bomb for you to hold, there’s a good chap.

Hitler in 1924: Here is a bomb for you to hold, there’s a good chap.

De Gaulle: You had your moment of glory; now don’t go back into politics.

Robert Kennedy: Listen to your bodyguards. You were just nominated and we need you.

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@ragingloli I believe they didn’t believe it possible that they would actually be able to get that far I think they would’ve believed a tsunami was more likely . I believe I saw a story once about the Japanese ambassador tried to let them know that they were declaring war but wouldn’t be seen by anyone in time to warn them and had they known than the station in Hawaii would’ve been on high alert and less lives would’ve been lost.
But honestly, I’m not sure that changing history would be a good thing. It may simply have shifted history and not necessarily for the good. We go back and get rid of one evil but maybe more evil will spring up instead. There would be no way of knowing. In changing one thing, I may condemn more lives in my future. Maybe even my own.

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Mister Lincoln, you really don’t want to go to the theatre tonight.

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