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Fun numbers?

Asked by skfinkel (13537points) December 22nd, 2012

skfinkel (12345 points )

How common is that to have such a neat progression?

And it won’t last long….I just have to tune in tomorrow….

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And there it went…

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Pretty rare, I’d say. I notice the numbers fairly often, just watching for symmetries and nice combinations (not that they mean anything—it’s just fun), and I seldom see any as cool as that.

So did you take a picture of it?

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That may be the best lurve score ever!

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What’s so great about 12365?.

Just kidding. Nice to see you around @skfinkel

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I wonder whose lurve totals are the closest to 23456, 34567, and 45678.

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The last time I had a number I really notice and thought it was fun was when it read 21112.

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I just hit 11500 and it was nice and round. Monk would’ve approved.

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@Jeruba I saved it by asking the question….

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I’m tempted to pull a Zen so I can have a binary score again. 10101

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