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How is your luck with cooking and baking in a convection oven?

Asked by JLeslie (61038points) December 23rd, 2012

I’m always unsure whether to try a recipe I have used for years and convert it to convection from regular baking. Convection is supposed to cook faster and more evenly, which is very appealing, but when something has turned out well for years using a regular baking method I am always nervous to expirement. Especially with desserts, because if I am making a dessert it almost for sure is to serve to others, I rarely bake sweets for myself.

Have you had any problems changing recipes to convection baking? Do you set it at the same temp and the oven automatically reduces it by 25F?

Any experiences you have using recipes with baking directions good and bad converting to convection I am interested in.


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Times are shorter in baking and roasting in a convection oven. The cooking is much more even and with a little practice, start with cookies not anything more involved.

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When I was about 10 years old my folks switched from a conventional oven to a convection oven. I think my Mom must have had some type of booklet that came with the oven that gave helpful hints on conversions. All I know is that the food got done quicker, but I hated the sound of the loud fan. Are the fans on new models still loud? We have a conventional oven now, but the temp is clearly not correct. We need to get one of those portable thermometers to hang in ours. Maybe Santa will bring one.

Here are a few Convection Conversion Calculators to assist you.

This one actually has a Mathematical Equation

Here are some more Guidelines

Now, when’s the party? Can I bring anything? ; – P

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@Kardamom GA and artisan bread is great. You can make it at the party.

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I would convert it a little. But rely on your own experience and just adopt it as you go

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No scheduled party yet. I have baked some small bundt cakes to give to friends and am making meringue forgotten cookies tomorrow.

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@Kardamom The fan on mine is whisper-quiet.

We don’t tend to try to convert recipes, but more do what @Adirondackwannabe suggests and play it by ear.

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^^ That’s nice to know that the modern ovens aren’t so loud. We had our around 1976 LOL.

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