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What is the most beautiful baby name ?

Asked by ellcanberk (17points) December 23rd, 2012

What is the most beautiful baby name ??

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Welcome to Fluther.
Are you looking to name your baby? Why would you entrust this decision to a bunch of strangers on the internet?
Do you really think that a group of people from all over the world could agree on the one most beautiful name for a human being ever? I think it’s a very subjective matter.
I mean, I think Balasubramaniam is a beautiful name, but you might not agree.

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There is no single most beautiful baby name. There are beautiful baby names for girls. Boy names are not likely to be characterized as beautiful.

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Your own baby’s name.

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The child’s gender is a factor, as are the language and culture in which they will grow up, and the family name that the baby name will be paired with. Another consideration is that babies being born now could potentially live for a century, so I suggest choosing a name that will still sound good beyond babyhood—when they are in school, embarking on a career, starting their own family, and enjoying their golden years.

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I believe naming is a vitally important duty of new parents and should not be taken lightly. I’m also convinced that one doesn’t choose a name for a baby but for the adult the baby will grow into. Infancy and childhood are a very small portion of a person’s long life.

Choose a name that a man or woman will be glad to pronounce.

Personally, I don’t go in for names that can be called fads or ones that have no history about them within the birth family’s culture.

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Every one has a story of how their birth name was picked. My parents had a boy name picked out, when I was a female they let my sister pick the name.

My sister was nearly five she picked what she thought was the prettiest name. It has no family provonance.

That does not make it less special. So as long as there is care a story behind it.

Whatever you choose can strengthen or inform the bond between you and the child.

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MIlo jr. here; Milo III

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I absolutely love Deni, or Dennis. or Denise. It has been scientifically proven those are the most pleasing to the eyes and ears.

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Nina (girl)
Mateo (boy)

Everyone really knows these are the most beautiful names, but they don’t want to be pushy. That is so nice!

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^^^Holá, chica. Boy, have I missed that voice.

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Uma Thurman named her daughter Rosalind Arusha Arkadina Altalune Florence.

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In the Labor and Delivery unit I work in, Nevaeh (Heaven spelled backwards) is becoming popular for girls.

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^^^Poor kids. They will be going through life listening to people say, “How do you spell that”.

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