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Why do you shake when you're angry?

Asked by cage (3123points) June 8th, 2008

like, if you’re REALLY angry you might shiver, like when you’re cold.

p.s. This is not related to my other shivering question

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Adrenaline causes the shaking.

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Yeah, I thought that. Is it like a mass build up of it then?

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mass release caused by your body preparing to fight or run

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I kinda just vibrate.

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Hm….I shiver when I’m super nervous too. My though is adrenaline as well.

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I just remembered I was supposed to ask why when you’re super-uber upset as well, though I guess it’s sorta to do with the fight or flight thing, in that anger = fight, upset = flight

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maybe i’m super different from everyone else…cause i never shake when i’m super angry….i always cry dont know why… :( weird ( maybe it’s cause i hate anger…but being angry is good for you.. it cleanse the soul like seaweed and garlic…)

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Muscle activation in opposing muscles.
The muscles on both sides will be pulling at whatever joint they move, inhibiting each other, and since the level of tension isn’t completely constant in either muscle, they will alternate in winning and losing the struggle a bit. So the joint will end up rapidly moving back and forth by tiny bits all the time. In other words, you shake.

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When I experience rage, I get an adrenaline rush. Epinephrine (adrenaline) stimulates the fight or flight of the sympathetic nervous system, which causes a tensing of the muscles in preparation for action. That doesn’t just go away instantly, so it’s due to the process of the the epinephrine wearing off.

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I’ve never done that. But I don’t get angry, really; just frustrated.

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fight or flight phenomena. same thing happens when you’re scared

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