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Do you leave your trash in the movie theater?

Asked by monsoon (2505points) June 8th, 2008

I went to Kungfu Panda yesterday (AWESOME), and my friend and I both got a drink and little pizza, and when we left he left it all at his seat. I got upset, and picked up his stuff and mine and threw it away, and he said I was being ridiculous because people are paid to clean that stuff up.

My question is; how do you feel about this?

I work at a food service job, and am personally disgusted when I have to clean up trash that people simply leave on their tables, rather than throwing away on the way outside. It takes less than a second to pick up your trash, and if EVERYONE left all of their trash everywhere that there was “some one to clean it up,” what would those workers’ jobs be like?

Bonus if you’ve worked at a movie theater and know what this experience is like from the other side.

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I have a friend who litters out his car window. I was riding around with him when he did this one day. I asked him why he did that. His response was, ” Well, I wait until i see a very clean and tidy yard then i throw my garbage in that one because i know it will get picked up and thrown away.”” I never throw it out in a park or somewhere it want be picked up.” I dont think this answers your question but it reminded me of your friend.

cleaning up after yourself is a good habit.

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I agree with you
it is gross how people
litter without thinking.

I always pick up
after myself and my
group at theatres.

I also always take the
shopping cart back.

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YEARS ago. (OK, Animal House was the movie and it was first run). I was at a clean, new discount theatre in Northern San Diego county. Before the movie began, the manager came into the theatre, thanked everyone for coming and pointed out how nice the theatre was, how reasonable the tickets were and how he wished to keep it that way.

He then asked a favor of the audience. He asked, if at the end of the movie, if everyone would either remove their own trash. or stay until the credits were over and he’d send in his crew to collect it at the end of each aisle.

Everyone clapped and the theatre was spotless when we left. No one had to step over trash when they left. How simple.

I always take my trash with me when I leave.

And monsoon, I feel even more for the theatre people, think of all of the bending over they have to do to clean up the mess. That being said, it’s usually only a few steps to the trash in a restaurant, yet people still leave a mess.

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I pick up all my trash….. Cause if something serious were to happen at the theater and if I left my trash my fingerprints would be on it and I would probably get blamed.

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I use to work at a theater, and I know how crappy it is to clean up after a movie lets out. I always clean up after myself on a movie.

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I always like to take my litter away, I’ve never worked in a movie theatre but I have worked at a holiday centre where I have had to tidy up after people after meals, and serioulsy, why put your napkins in a jug full of water? Why squash a tomato ketchup sachet into the table? Once you’ve worked in certain areas of certain jobs you realise that when you go to a resteraunt or somewhere like that, although people are getting paid to tidy up, it’s not exactly pleasent and I’m sure this conveys over to cinemas and the such so I always tidy up after myself if possible, the people tiding up your mess are human to eh? :)

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I believe the attitude you are speaking of is confusion over the terms “service personnel” and “servant”. Some people have the attitude that just because someone is paid to clean up after them, they are entitled to leave a mess. Most of these people have not had to hold a job that requires service, so they take it for granted. Maybe it should be a rule that you can’t be served without having experience in a like job yourself. The world might be a nicer place.

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No. That’s a crappy, elitist attitude.

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my statement? I meant just the opposite. I don’t believe in servants, they are only paid slaves as far as I’m concerned, but I have run into a quite a few people who still feel that way. Take a cruise sometime, and watch how the employees are treated by those who think they have payed for the right to abuse them.

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I leave my trash… in the garbage can!

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I always take my trash with me. I can’t fathom why you wouldn’t. I think it takes a special kind of mind to rationalize certain things like: not picking up your trash, throwing it out the window, flicking your cigarette buts out the window, not picking up after your dog and so forth. And by “special kind of mind” I am trying to be polite.

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Thank you all that pick up after yourselves at the theaters. I currently work at a theater and am an usher so I know how it feels to pick up after someone.

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Yeah, my friend who said this to me works on the geek squad at Best Buy. So he said “That’s why there are people paid to pick it up,” and I said “They don’t enjoy crawling on the floor to get your garbage, it would make their job easier,” and he said, “Well I don’t enjoy fixing broken computers all day.”

So no, he has never worked in a true service position, and he mad me so angry I decided not to point out how wrong everything he was saying was.

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The difference is most people don’t break or have problems with their computers by choice. He knowingly opts to not pick up his trash and carry it to the garbage can. He should find a job he likes. The people at the theater are usually doing it as a part time job for money. No matter how you look at it, no offense to you monsoon, your friend isn’t very thoughtful in this regard.

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i leave my trash, its not messy or anything, just popcorn tubs or empty drink cups. They have to come and clean it anyway, its not like picking up real garbage, like diapers or something.

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It’s just so unbelievably lazy. you have to walk by the garbage anyway. I bet I could come up with the same type of disreguard for every job out there were the person doing that job would get angry. It’s the sense of self entitlement that is to prominent now a days.

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@ed: It IS something you’ve had your hands all over, that’s why they use gloves. They also have to bend over for each and every item that you leave on the floor…and I have to step around it when I leave and hopefully not knock it over so they have to sweep up any leftovers. It is messy and a mark of disrespect for your fellow human. Why make someone’s job harder than it has to be. Have a little regard for someone out there, instead of a selfish attitude. The world has enough nasty stuff in it, try kindness for a change, it might come back at you either way.

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good point seesul

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@seesul dude its a movie not really that serious its not me being selfish or disrespectful its a service job they are paid to pick up trash I see it as job security more trash = more work = more money it might be selfish to keep your trash and hindering their jobs

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They won’t get paid more to pick up your trash. YOU will pay more for your ticket. As mentioned before, it’s a service job, not a SERVANT job.

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edgarex86— it really is you being lazy and selfish to those around you with or with out taking the workers into consideration, but I am taking them into consideration to. Do you really think they wold lose their job if everyone picked their trash up? they might be able to get the gum off the seats, or the sticky off the floor or the arm rests or other such thinks.

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If we follow ed’s theory and trash everything, then that would solve the unemployment issue, wouldn’t it? Taking it one more step, how would you like it if someone came over to your house as a guest for dinner and proceeded to just dump stuff on the floor as they ate?

Another issue that I mentioned before is back strain. The proper way to bend over is to bend the knees. A bit impossible for the scenario you are suggesting.

It also comes down to manners, but you might have issues with those as well. I grew up in a tourist town and I’m a bit sensitive to outsiders coming and considering my hometown their trash can, especially when they came there in the first place to see it’s beauty, relax and have a nice time. I prefer my movie theatres the same way.

Nuff, said, I’m preaching to the choir here.

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Those who would say, “They’re getting paid to clean up after me,” are the same thoughtless slobs who complain about the ridiculous costs of movies, popcorn, sodas, etc. If fewer people held the attitude that Edgar espoused above, the theaters wouldn’t have to employ as many ushers to clean up after the lazy assholes amongst us, and could afford to lower their prices.

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If I’m paying nearly $10 for a ticket, $4 for popcorn, and $3 for a soda, you’re dammed sure that I’ll be dumping trash all over the cinema.

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It’s definitely the seventeen-year-old’s fault who’s picking up all your trash that you decided to come at an expensive time of day and order crap food, and they’re probably the one who set the prices in the first place.

If not, at least they’re reaping the benefits by being paid a decent living wage, right?

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Think about what you get (not having to carry your oh-so-heavy trash to the nearest garbage can) versus what the employee gains (not having to pick up every single food/drink container after everyone in the whole theater). Yes it is there job to make sure the place is clean but none of you would like it if they went to your job and deliberately made your work harder.

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The most I’ll buy at the move theater is a bag of popcorn and a soda. The bag of popcorn would be my trash can or the empty soda cup – whichever is larger and easier to manipulate.

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Yes, of course I leave my trash in the theater, preferably on the floor! I’ve worked in a movie theater and my job was to clean up after guests. LOVED IT! The more trash, the better! People go to movies to relax. I was getting PAID to pick up their crap. When I got off work, I came to their place and then it was their turn to work for me!

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From my girlfriend, “Hell no I don’t throw my trash away. I still have popcorn that needs to be eaten.”

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Hey, there. I’m part of the management team of a movie theatre and I’de love to jump in

In my opinion, it is part of my job to clean up between shows. In fact a lot of our concession items are designed to be cleaned up with ease. Popcorn can be swept fast, the garbage can be picked up quickly, there is the occosional spill, but as far as I’m concerned if you paid for concessions, it comes with the price of admission like a waiter bussing your table.
What I do not appreciate though is when people bring outside food into a theatre. Do you bring your own booze when you go to a bar? It’s just bad manners because movie theatres make very little (we’re talking 10–20%) money off movie tickets. They stay in bussiness from concession sales. When people bring in their own food, not only do we loose money, but the food they bring in can be disruptive (pop cans cracking open, or chip bags crumpling). So when people bring their own food, they really should clean up after themselves. I can clean up, but it gets on my nerves when I find garbage that people snuck in and then dumped on the floor. You might as well show up to a restaurant with your own food, eat for free and then expect them to bus your table without leaving a tip.

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