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Is there a website or an app that links multiple websites together?

Asked by Questionsaboutstuff (265points) December 25th, 2012

So you can see all your recently uploaded videos you are subbed to on YouTube, the news from bbc, twitter feeds

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If you have an iPad, Flipboard is pretty incredible, and free.

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Google reader.

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I remember there was a think called something like WebRing that website administrators could join so that similarly themed websites could be linked.

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You can use a Tiddly Wiki to build and easily categorize and organize your own page of links, and when you save it you can email it to others who can use it the same way.

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Do I dare mention it?

You could always use Tumblr. Just don’t come back here to ask how to get followers.

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@Yeahright. Bit of an in joke. Some fuckwit published a guide to getting more tumblr followers and their number 1 tip was by spamming us

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@Lightlyseared Jeezus..thank you…

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All of these things can be done with RSS. You might want to look at but they are shutting it down in about a year.

But in that year you could learn MagpieRSS and roll your own. It is actually really simple.

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I just did this with magpie in about two minutes. It would be trivial to make it pretty.

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