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How can I make food taste good again?

Asked by RandomGirl (3357points) December 25th, 2012 from iPhone

I’m having problems with my wisdom teeth coming in. I’m having some X-rays done on Thursday. I already know I’ll have to get at least one, probably two extracted.
One of the problems I’m having is that food tastes horrible. The oatmeal I just tried to eat tasted metallic, almost. The rest of the family didn’t taste it, and mine was exactly the same as theirs, so it must be a problem with me. Is there something I can do to get things back to normal, at least somewhat? I really think it’ll help with the nausea.

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Contact your dentist. If you’re feeling nausea due to wisdom teeth, there may be some infection at play. Mention the problems with taste and queasy feelings, and see if they can treat that. If a wisdom tooth has become infected, they are going to want to knock down that infection with antibiotics before removing it. And that treatment should leave you feeling a whole lot better.

It’s a bummer not being able to enjoy Christmas goodies. I hope you get it resolved soon. Do let us know what the Dentist finds.

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The metallic taste can be caused by blood in your mouth. When the teeth erupt they could cause a tiny amount of bleeding, maybe not enough that you’d notice red but enough to give you a funny taste.

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When I had a tooth pulled, it temporarily changed my sense of smell.
I literally started tearing walls open in my house trying to find the awful mold smell I could smell, but no one else could. Once I realized what was happening, I just ignored it.
Try going to a chinese grocery and get some ginger to chew.

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@Lightlyseared Blood in my mouth, huh. That’s interesting, because I’ve been noticing one spot in particular on my gums that has been bleeding. Any way to make the bleeding stop? Could this bleeding in the front of my mouth be connected to the wisdom teeth?

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If there’s bleeding in your mouth then that would be the most likely cause for a funny metallic taste (red cells contain iron – when the cells rupture you can taste the iron). As to why there’s bleeding I have no idea but you should mention it at the dental checkup on Thursday.

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@Lightlyseared Will do… So hoping they can just take the wisdom teeth out asap.

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I think you should contact with your dentist. And hope that you will find a better taste in your food with best treatment.

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