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What is the difference between study and read?

Asked by raja_chalapathi (7points) June 8th, 2008

iam reading a text book

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When you’re reading it could simply be a casual thing, it’s possible you could not really be paying too much attention and simply getting the general idea of the text.

Studying on the other hand is reading for a purpose, so a lot more more focus and attention is needed on the actual content.

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ditto to o’s adding only that studying usually involves notetaking and reading the text more than once, and analyzing more thoroughly the written word.

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when you are studying, you are hoping to retain the information for a long time. if you are reading a “text book” for a class, that won’t be enough to get you through the exam. Unless you re-read it again and again. Because that’s repetition and is a way of studying.

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Study is for retention. Reading is more personal and informal. . .like a “good read.”

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Reading(activity) is just that, while studying involves more time and genuinely attention so you can understand the reading material. You can read and not study, but you can’t study without reading…
I know this is not in the question but is related: What is the difference between Studying and Learning?

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You can study anything, and it may involve reading or not. You can study the weather, but you can’t read the weather.

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