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Is your internet access affected by cold or rainy weather?

Asked by McCool (463points) December 28th, 2012

I typically lose the internet connection on my laptop when it’s cold or raining. Is this just a coincidence, or has this happened to you?

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I’ve lost my cable internet in bad storms, but never just from cold or regular old rain.

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Not at all.

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I seem to lose access if it’s rainy and/or windy.

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@McCool Are you using a wireless connection?

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My DSL (over the phone lines) used to get erratic after wet weather. I finally tracked it down to a faulty splice in a waterproof box. There was enough humidity/moisture inside the box to create the problem.

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@bossob: I have the same problem. The area is largely old fields and acres of second-growth woods. The phone company is out all the time to deal with the problems that @bossob mentioned.

The company has a monopoly here and is understaffed and uses crappy equipment. We all fulminate but have, so far, no choice.

I have to recycle the modem often after dark at this wet and snowy time of year also.

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Nope but the lines are all underground here.

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At work, we seem to have issues after stormy weather.

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Not when it’s raining but when it’s storming and really windy I have !! Another reason I hate the wind.

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