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How many brothers and sisters do you have?

Asked by burntbonez (5197points) December 29th, 2012

Which one do you get along with best? What is a memorable event you shared with this sibling?

Where do you fit in birth order with the rest of your siblings? What are the challenges of having the number of siblings you have?

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I am the third of four- my older brother is 6 years older, my sister is 4½ yrs older, and my younger brother is 8 yrs younger. So I am not that close to any of them. I was the baby for 8 years until my brother came along.

I don’t think there are any advantages or disadvantages to the number of siblings I have.

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I have eight sisters and we had one bathroom. I think everyone can see the hardship that created.

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That I know of.

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ZERO!.. I’m an ONLY child. :)

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I have an older half-sister and an older step-brother. My sister and I are pretty close, despite our 8-year age difference. My brother is currently incarcerated, so I don’t have much of a relationship with him. I’m the baby in the family. Or, at least I was until my niece was born.

I also have a few siblings that share a father with me, but I know nothing about them and have nothing to do with him.

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I’m the youngest. I have two sisters, and two brothers.
I get along with all of them, but I do admit to having favorites.

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I am an only child which is good and bad. It’s good because I’m the favorite child, but it’s bad because I’m the least favorite as well.

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I have a half-sister that’s more like my kid than a sibling. Our relationship is this, as long as she gets good grades and doesn’t hang out with losers, I pay for her car, cell phone and other stuff she needs.

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I have two older brothers and a younger sister.
I get along best with my sister, she was my childhood playmate for the most part so we bonded. I guess the only challenge in childhood was that my older brothers teamed up to tease us girls. Nowadays we all get along, no more teasing and bickering.

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I’m the middle of three. The oldest is 25 and lives an hour away from me. He’s married and has the cutest little 17-month-old daughter. I love her to pieces.
The youngest is my sister, who’s 12.
I get along best with my brother, although this might be because I only see him once or twice a month, as opposed to my sister, whom I see every stinkin’ day.

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I have four older sisters. Technically, the two oldest are half-sisters, but we weren’t raised with that term. They’re just my sisters. I have three brothers-in-law whom I think of as brothers.

I’m the youngest, and was a surprise. My oldest sister is 22 years older than I am. My middle sister was a big part of raising me for the couple of years that my mom worked third shift. She’s like a sibling and a parent.

There aren’t any challenges for me having the number of siblings that I have. It may have been a challenge for my parents having five kids, but they never complained. At least not out loud!

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I have 1 brother who is younger than me and 3 step siblings (2 boys and 1 girl) who are older than me.

I get along with all of them but I am closer to my brother.

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One younger brother that is 4½ years younger. That’s it. I call him younger brother and not little brother because he’s 6’ 5” lol. Um I do think that we can talk about stuff together that I could never discuss with my parents. It’s nice to be able to have heart to hearts. And though he doesn’t like to admit, he does like me to be around when he plays video games. He recently was playing Uncharted 3 and I was watching for a while (and helped him get through some parts). When I announced that I was going to bed and got up, he actually asked me to stay. I thought it was sweet because he doesn’t like being all “I love my sister and junk” lol. I think he has an obnoxious laugh and he can be incredibly annoying, but I love him very much :) That being said, I don’t want another sibling lol

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