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What movie roles would you like to see Tom Cruise play?

Asked by mazingerz88 (19001points) December 30th, 2012

And for that matter, also the roles you would like to see your favorite actors and actresses to play in movies.

Tom Cruise, inspite of his career taking a serious hit because of his crazy antics, still has the star power to choose just about any roles that he fancies himself playing. Are there any characters out there that you would not mind seeing him interpret, Hollywood style?

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The Life of Pee-wee Herman. A lot of method acting required.

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He needs to play a mad preacher, that opens a sect that is diabolical in its views.

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Far and Away – oh wait!

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In his latest movie, he is playing Jack Reacher, something that I find to be hilarious, as Jack Reacher is supposed to be a giant ape-like mountain of a man who can take on whole gangs at a time. (at least according to the books).

Maybe give him a role as Napoleon, or a munchkin.

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Oompa-Loompa bibbity-boo, I have a juicy role for you.
Even better, Tom Thumb :¬)

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None. He can retire for all I care. The last good role he played was in Top Gun. Everything else has been a stretch.

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Mercutio in “Romeo and Juliet”

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I’d like to see him play the role of a movie star adherent of a religious cult started by a science fiction writer.

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L Ron Hubbard in an Oliver Stone movie.

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I am partial to Johnny depp. Not a Tom Cruse person.

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A baseball mascot. Tom Cruise bears an eerie resemblance to that hideous, grinning Indian-head on the Cleveland baseball cap.

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I don’t think he could do anything to top the outrageous character of Les Grossman in Tropic Thunder. That was one of my favorite roles of his.

I do like @Tropical_Willie‘s answer. That would be pretty funny.

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@jonsblond He could do it and “knock it out of the park” ! !

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I don’t know, maybe if he was portraying a petite woman I wouldn’t mind him. Other than that, nothing, he is small, annoying, I don’t like his nose, and that’s that.

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I would like to see him not take the roles he’s in! I see the trailers for his movies and think that they look interesting but they star Tom Cruise. I never really liked him much, although being nearly his age most of my peers have always have a crush on him. But he and his agent find interesting roles for him to be in, so I’ll give him credit for that.

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If the truth be told, I am more interested in NOT seeing him in anything, he just doesn’t cut the mustard with me, as an actor or as a man.

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Another vote for nothing. I can’t stand him. I wouldn’t mind seeing Jack Reacher but Tom Cruise is in the lead role. Instant turnoff.

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I have to say that I agree with most of the previous posts. I’d rrather not see him in anything anymore. I enjoyed the movie Top Gun when it was released, but can’t really like it anymore because of him. Same thing with Rain Man, and well, anything else he was in.

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