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Have you heard about the Fluther New Year's Party? Well, you're invited!

Asked by PhiNotPi (12647points) December 30th, 2012

This New Year’s Eve, there is going to be a massive party at Fluther, and you are invited.

If you were a member of the party last year, you should know that this event generates more traffic in a few hours than the rest of the year combined. It is going to be huge.

What? A party. A really big awesome party.

When? All day long on New Year’s Eve, in any time zone, especially your time zone. The later it gets, the more partying there will be. Also stay late for the after-party.

Where? Here, the official party chat room. There is also a little “chat” button at the top of the page. Click it, and you should be able to find it.

Who? Everyone, including you. Be there.

Why? Why on Earth wouldn’t we have a party?!

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Not to hurt anyones feelings, but why in the world would you be on fluther rather than actually doing something on New Years Eve?

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I’ll be home with a bunch of rowdy teenagers having a party. They will be partying in the rest of the house, and I’ll come out of my hole from time to time to “supervise.”

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Whether or not I get an opportunity to join in the Fluther celebration, I would like to say Happy, Happy New Year to everyone. May God bless each and everyone of us with health and happiness always. 2013. Wow!

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@uberbatman, these days you can use your phone to send in a message so you can be out having fun AND send people a message.

It would be sort of nice to see the HNY messages come in from around the world as it moves across the globe. We need our Kiwi jelly to log in first and share with us.

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Who’s the Kiwi jelly- Adagio?

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Yes. That’s right not that we mentioned her lovely name… looks for our fearless leader. Hopefully she will pop online and say Happy New Year.

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So we can offer hints about a jelly we want to name, so long as we don’t name them?

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@uberbatman – What do you mean “actually doing something”? Interacting with other people via the internet isn’t actually doing something? If not, then why are internet social sites so active?
Personally, I don’t like parties or crowds or loud noise, and I’d rather not be on the roads when there is a greater likelihood that the other drivers are distracted and/or intoxicated. Even when I was your age, I only went out for NYE if a friend of mine was hosting an event.
I’m not offended, I’m just challenging your concept that going to a NYE celebration should be an appealing option for everyone.

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Technically, we aren’t supposed to name other jellies. However, I think the decision was taken that if it is done so in a positive light we wouldn’t mod it. I would still tend to avoid naming the person and instead say something like ‘we need to hear from the jelly with the wonderful recipes’, that would be fine and most people would know who it was.

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@hearkat Uhh no sitting at home talking to people on the internet really isn’t doing something. I know I’ve been active on this site for over 5 years but I’ll be the first to admit I dont really have a life. “If not, then why are internet social sites so active?” People are more obsessed with the internet now-a-days than they are with actual human interaction.

I’m introverted so I tend to avoid parties and crowds too but its NYE go out and do something, celebrate with your friends or go to a show or something. Don’t just sit at home on the internet like every other night of the year….

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I’ll be home with my two youngest daughters, celebrating with a ‘night of beauty’. We plan on cutting hair, doing our nails, and getting makeovers from each other. We’ll probably pop in and out of the Fluther Chat NYE party. Happy almost New Year, everyone!

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Party in the chat room? Sounds like a Mayan prediction!

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Aw, shit! I already made plans. Can we reschedule?

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It kinda sucks being home on break instead of at college for a party night like NYE! It’ll be just me and the ‘rents. Maybe Fluther can brighten my evening.

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I’ll probably be there. I’m thinking I should stay home and watch movies tonight instead of going out and getting far too drunk and being useless tomorrow.

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I prefer real life parties which is were I intend to be in just a few short hours.

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@uberbatman – but it is like every other night of the year… just because someone years ago decided that eleven days after the winter solstice was the best day to start counting earth’s journey around the sun is arbitrary to me. Why not start at the solstice – the shortest day of the year? (oh wait; it’s only the shortest day in the northern hemisphere- it’s the longest day south of the equator) The anniversary of one’s birth and our individual record of journeys around the sun is a little more relevant to me, I suppose.

In the event, such as last year, that someone we know invites us to a party, we will attend. But if no one we know is hosting an event, what’s the point of getting dolled-up and being around a bunch of annoying, noisy strangers? On Thursday, we went into Manhattan to celebrate the anniversary of our romance. Yesterday, we had our parents over for a nice family “holiday” meal (postponed from the day before due to the snow) – so we’re not opposed to going out or getting together with others… we just don’t find significance in dates printed on calendars.

My opinion is that we should celebrate life every day, and enjoy the company of those we care about every day, and honor the memory and sacrifice of those who preceded us every day – since tomorrow is not guaranteed to any one of us.

The internet allows me to stay in touch with those who are miles and continents away, and it’s expanded the numbers of people that I am acquainted with – some of whom I am closer friends with than those I’ve met face-to-face – so to me, being beside the man I love, both of us interacting with friends and family via technology, is one of many ways that we enjoy living. And it’s safer than being on the roads with a bunch of idiots who are more distracted and intoxicated that the other days (which are risky enough as it is, as you know).

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Happy New Year everyone. 2013 has arrived in Australia. It’s actually now 9.20 on New Year’s Day.

Here’s how Sydney welcomed 2013.

Here’s Melbourne.

Perhaps people can share YouTube videos of their city’s celebrations.

Anyway, I hope 2013 is a fabulous year for each and every one of you.

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I think AshLeigh and Hawaii_Jake will be the last ones to see the arrival of 2013.

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I sent this question to our Kiwi friend, she hasn’t joined us yet.

So here’s Auckland.

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I’m there now, with a few other folks. Join us!

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I keep trying to send a New Year’s greeting to you all through the chat, but it won’t let me. I’m on my iPhone, so that’s probably got something to do with it. Anyway, thanks for all the New Years’ wishes, and I hope everyone had as nice an evening as I did :)

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Oh that’s a pity. I will let people know. I will cut and paste your message in the chat room.

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@wildpotato Laineybug’s iPod wouldn’t let her post in chat, either. I let her borrow the computer so she could attend the party for a while. :)

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I’m pretty sure that @AshLeigh said she was on her iPhone, in response to my comment thatI was attempting it with my iPad – which actually worked out well.

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