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Has anyone ever kissed their (male) partner and smelled an amazingly good hard to put into words smell coming from their nose?

Asked by norah (241points) December 31st, 2012

I can only assume these are pheromones but I can’t find anything online about this phenomenon. The closest I can come to describing it is “pepperminty without the actual mint” if that makes any sense. I’m wondering what the smell is, when it happens, if others have smelled it. Would love to read up on it. I’ve actually smelled this in more than one man, btw.

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Hahaha…sorry, but…too funny.
I’d have to say no. No amazing nose odors, but body odors in general, good, musky, manly, odors. Rowr!
Maybe you ought to get into perfume making, you might have some super powered olefactory gland that you’re depriving the world of. lol

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Not specifically but the whole thing smells good to me.

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Did he eat a chocolate cover mint. That would smell awesome. LOL

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Peppermint without the mint? So…pepper? :)

I’m wondering how many guys you’ve experienced this with. And how did you discover that this smell came from his nose in particular?

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@livelaughlove21 it’s not pepper, it’s just complex in an indescribable way and for some reason it reminds me of peppermint. I can tell it comes from nose because I noticed it first when I was kissing, and their mouth was sealed, but they were exhaling through their nose.

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Had he had an Altoid right before you met him? Maybe to mask the onions from the steak taco he had twenty minutes ago?

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@norah The pepper thing was a joke.

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From my experience, the saliva of a partner turned on by me, gets sugary (a connection to that?), but I have no experience of the smell of air from that person. I think I usually hold my breath when kissing, though.

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@oratio I’m not to keen on the smell of “air” from another person myself.
Nostrils being preferable to other blowholes.
Thar she blows….ewwww! lol

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It may be more the sense of touch rather than smell. There is the slight sensation of a mild fresh water breeze on your cheek.

Occasionally Milo will show up at 3:00AM and sit near my cheek. I am suddenly aware of the zephyr caressing my skin. Since his breath is odorless and he breathes through his nose, i notice the change in barometric pressure.

Put your hand up to your nose, keep your mouth shut and breath gently.

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All I can say is “interesting.” But I have never heard of this before.

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@bosso: OTOH, I mentally added the necessary hyphens…“hard-to-put-into-words smell.”

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Hey….just HAY…so, horse nostrils don’t count. Pfft!

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Yes, I also smell a less strong version of this scent in his neck.

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@norah Someone mentioned you should work for a perfumeries. They are spot on. I can smell pheromones too, and they are a terrific turn-on to me. Sadly, most modern humans are completely oblivious to the smells.

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@ETpro Welll with your sniffer and my mouth we can rule the world. lol

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@Coloma Having analyzed the world for these 69 years, I am sad to say it doesn’t deserve to be ruled. My rule is rule no unruly crowds. So we’ll just have to look for other, and hopefully more gratifying, uses for a sharp sniffer and keen kisser. Now let’s see, what might those uses possibly be…

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Wow… I experience the same thing with my husband and it seems when i do it is erotic but seems to draw me more to him in a way of love not just erotically…my husband and I have been in love for 30 yrs since we were young teens…but never had that experience with another man..i really thougt i was the only person on the face of the earth that had this experience..if you find out what it is please let me know:)

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@angie71 Welcome to Fluther. Most of us that have the sense of smell developed enough for this to happen spend considerable time thinking we’re the only one, we’re weird, maybe even we are crazy and dreaming it all up. Truth is it’s none of these. We’re quite sane, and in fact gifted. We just have to learn to integrate our gift into the olfactory lightweight society around us without sending them into paroxysms of hate over smells they never even experience, but are nonetheless certain are horrible beyond words.

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I don’t have a refined nose, but I’m very partial to the clean natural smells of a woman. I asked my wife not to wear store bought scents early on in our dating relationship, and she still doesn’t, these many years later.

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I have not, but I’m kind of interested to know exactly what it was like. Now I feel like I’m missing one of my senses.

It’s kind of like a blind person having colors described to him. Or describing with written words or sign language to a deaf person what music sounds like.

I’m very intrigued : )

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@ETpro Thank you for welcoming me and your response..

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