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What are private questions?

Asked by ETpro (34428points) January 1st, 2013

Under the Questions tab on your own profile page, there are three filters. “Most Recent”, “Greatest” and “Private”. I have content under the first two tabs, but nothing under “Private”. I don’t even know how you would make a question private, or what the point of asking would be if nobody can see the question to answer it. Does anyone have any private questions under that tab? If you do, what did you do special in asking the question to land it in the “Private” tab?

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It’s for questions you have asked that you have selected not to show on your profile.

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I’ve never seen that before, no clue, weird.

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@Yetanotheruser Is right. If you go to your question list, each one has a button that says “hide on profile.” If you select that button, that question will appear in your private list. You can unhide it then.

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I thought you posted a private question every Friday, @ETpro ;)

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Yep, @Yetanotheruser has it right. It’s not private on the site itself…everyone can see and answer it on the site. But it won’t show up on your profile page (for anyone other than you. Obviously, you can see your own private questions if you click on the private tab).

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Aha. I see. Perhaps if I’d known that, I would have posted a private question every Friday, @bookish1. But this is all new to me as of today.

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