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Which creatures look like they'd make great card players?

Asked by ucme (45372points) January 4th, 2013

Bit shifty looking, been around the block a bit, likes a gamble of a friday night.
Don’t invite a cheetah though, he’ll clean you out!
Humour is of course, positively encouraged!

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A sloth has a great poker face, I think. Kind of creepy, though.

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Penguins are great dealers!

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I think this sexy little green duck will just hang around the tables looking hot and letting the big ganders string more diamonds around my neck. lol

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Humans. Humans can learn some mathematics and probability theory to improve their strategic play, and they’re able to become proficient at reading subtle cues in their opponents body language and facial expressions which may also provide information about the strength of their hands. Humans also have dextrous and nimble hands which may hold the cards without accidentally dropping them or crumpling them.

Most other animals will simply be too dumb to even know what the card values are, let alone learn the rules of any variant of poker.

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@wundayatta That’s actually a very good selection, nice one fella.
@janbb It’s all in the flippers.
@Coloma If it wins, it must be the goose who lays the golden egg.
@Kropotkin Yeah…but apart from that…

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Milo here; I can hold the extra cards in my other set of paws and have developed an enigmatic and unreadable expression. (Plus, I have some paid muscle at my disposal.)

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@gailcalled Yeah, cats seem to have it licked in this department, although here’s photographic evidence that dogs more than hold their own.

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Toilets would always have a royal flush.

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@Ucme: At last I have the opportunity to say that you made me laugh hard. (Milo is less amused and seems to be filing his nails to even more razor-like points.)

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Well then that’s something at least.
Please don’t capitalise my username, size isn’t everything after all.

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A lion’s ferocious reputation would terrify everyone else at the table into letting him win. After all, size matters. :D

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Squirrels, skunks, raccoons, opossums hold things in their paws to eat, why not to hold cards. Can’t you just see the famous picture of the dogs playing cards replaced by this foursome?

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@Pachyderm_In_The_Room They only play in night games though.

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^^What a hoot!

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An octopus for sure!

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@harple Eight-handed Poker?

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Here’s what I’m imagining!

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“I raise ya 50 squid!”

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