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How are you feeling today?

Asked by harple (10441points) January 4th, 2013

It’s been a little while, and as we’re in to the new year, how’re you feeling today? I mean, really, what’s going on for you right now?

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I’ll be honest and say that I’m feeling absolutely exhausted, and though Fluther is very alive with new questions right now, I just don’t have the energy to put into it at the moment (sorry!)...

I’m also elated today as I had some good news about a house that all being well we shall be moving in to on Feb 1st, meaning that we should be settled in in time before the arrival of the wee babba

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I am okay. It still seems like a Wednesday since the week started late.

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I’m fine. Glad it’s Friday.

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I feel pretty much the way I always do on Fridays… a little tired, glad the week is over, and ready to skip out of work a little early, go home, feed the cat, make dinner, and settle down in front of my fireplace with my trusty little e-reader. It’s rainy and cold here, so that will make spending a quiet evening at home all the better. Anyone want to join me in front of that fire?

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Quite wonderful. Took two nice walks with friends and have been reconnecting with another friend who was less accessible for a while. Also solved some practical house problems by myself.

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I am slowly coming out of a funk. I had been blue since the holidays, but am beginning to come out of it.

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I feel pretty good. Today is the first match for my school’s academic team so I’m excited about that.

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I’m doing very fine, thank you for asking. Okay, maybe I lied. I’ve had a cold for the past month but other than that I’m doing very well and everything else in my life’s going well. I’m in a healthy relationship with my boyfriend of 3 almost 4 months. It’s my first ever relationship and I couldn’t be happier. I’m working and saving money for essentials in the future and such. I just received my timetable for next semester and I’m happy to announce that I’m very excited for school to begin next Tuesday.

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Happy. Just saw another intelligent movie that stimulated my emotions the right way. I’m about to start another that would be shallow but fun and while watching I’ll continue assembling a Lego StarWars kit which I just discovered to be a great thrill-! ( at 44…heh )

Lastly, I was thinking or ordering either Chinese or asking the SO to pick up some kabobs but I didn’t want to impose on her, tired at work and all that so I settled on ordering Chinese. But then she just called and offered to buy the kabob. What the heck was that-? ESP-? Nice-!

And @harple…a baby-? Congrats-! Make sure he or she uses that mug someday. : _

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Great news, @harple. I hope you get settled in time.

I’m feeling good today. Getting ready to eat Chinese take-out and watch The Hunger Games with my kids and husband to celebrate my birthday.

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I’m kinda grumpy.

@jonsblond Happy bday :)))))))

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I’m feeling very crappy. My heart atrial fibrillation (AF) condition has returned after 2½ years of beating normally. I don’t remember feeling this bad with AF and I’ve been dealing with it since 2001. AF is a dark cloud that hangs over me even when my heart is beating normally and I’m feeling terrific because I know that at any moment, for no apparent reason the AF could return. AF hit me suddenly again with an unforgiving vengeance the last week of 2012. Now my life is on hold until next month when my cardiologist will attempt to get my heart to beat in normal sinus rhythm again with a “radio frequency ablation” procedure inside of my heart. I’m totally desperate to try anything now.

Good health to you all!

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I’m happy. Today’s been a good day: I spotted one of my favorite birds and snapped some decent photos of him, I posted a new chapter of my sci-fi story online and got some nice feedback, and for the last few hours I’ve been writing code. I’m a wee bit grumpy that it’s not working at the moment and I can’t figure out why, but what else is new. I’m sure I’ll get it going…

My Christmas break is ending in a few days. I’ve been enjoying my time at home, but I’m also eager to start a new term. I miss my boyfriend, my friends, and the comedy group I’m in!

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Hopeful. Looking forward to 2013, hoping it’s much better than 2012 was.

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I’m happy Christmas is over but my knees kind of hurt. That’s how I’m feeling.

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Not great….I have been really busy the last few days and woke up with a tweaked neck and am dealing with a thumb issue that is killing me. I am wearing a stupid thumb splint and since it is my left thumb and I am lefthanded everything I do is a pain in the ass. Haha
Jesus…thumbs are really important for functioning. lol

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I have a bit of a headache going on, and I will have to go to the office tomorrow.

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@bob_ Aw, poor baby. I’ll make you a sandwich.

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I can’t sleep.

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@janbb How about a neck massage and some whisky?

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What am I chopped liver?

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Not bad really. Thanks for asking though. Congrats on your new place.

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Good. Had a nice evening with friends and this morning we found a pair of honey-eaters are making a nest in one of our hanging baskets. This means re-potting is postponed but we are happy to share our plant with these parents to be.

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It’s Friday. Thankful for that. Hoping I can do something spontaneous and fun tomorrow, rather than stay home and clean the house (or do the piles of homework I have mounting)...

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I woke up this morning with a melancholy sort of feeling. It was the kind of feeling that feels like it shouldn’t belong. Something that tilted the world on its axis. (And not in a good way either)
Lately I’ve found myself going back to the past more often than not. Trying to figure out why I never told Asher to stay. Trying to locate where it all went to hell with Gage. Trying to remember when Marissah disappeared from my life.
Wishing they were all still around.
But I guess that’s life for you. Just another step into the great divide.

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Right howi feel ok, fairly relaxed which is a big deal for me! There are a few things that are causing me minor anxiety but hopefully they won’t ruin my decent mood right now.

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Have to say I am feeling on top of the world right now. Best weekend since mid-August!

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What did you do, @janbb? Sounds very positive.

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@janbb Had a successfully uneventful dinner with my Ex, led a six mile walk yesterday for 26 people, went out dancing to a Motown cover band at a supper club, went on a three mile walk today and a date to see Les Mis and out for Thai food. And in between spent time with my best guy friend.

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(Edit – that was supposed to be @burntbonez .)

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I’ve been in a really pissy mood the past 3 days now. I’m usually not like this. I need to go spend a weekend with @janbb. :)

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@jonsblond You’re always welcome at my house!

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Again, it sounds positive that you can get along with your ex, @janbb. Your other activities sound a bit more salutary. All in all, a nice weekend. I think we all should experience one of those from time to time, if possible. I’m glad you had yours.

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@burntbonez I work at it.

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Sick, and skipping school.

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Poor @AshLeigh Here, let me make you some soup. :-)

I look pretty good today but I feel exhausted! lol
Been burning the midnight oil lately, gotta go to bed earlier tonight.zzzzzz

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Wow—this is a very old thread that someone just lurved my comment on. My life has changed a lot for me in two years.

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@Pachy That was me, you know I love you. :-) Yes, wow, time warp. Fluther is becoming like a diary for me too, reading back over 5 years now, shocking isn;t it?!!

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Dear @Coloma

:) :) :-)

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