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Crying at telly shows/movies: Which particular scenes have made you tear up?

Asked by ucme (45421points) January 6th, 2013

Other than crying with laughter, it takes a lot for me to fill up when watching a film or a tv show, but it’s been known to happen.
I won’t reveal the culprits just yet, i’d rather here from you lot first, or at least those who can be bothered to answer.
You may begin, keep a box of tissues handy though.

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I cried when they were going to bake Henrietta into a pie in Chicken Run.

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Anything with animals – Lassie, Free Willy, Bambi, the one with the two dogs and the cat that had the voice of Michael J Fox as one of the animals – the Great Journey or something like that. Sometimes love stories like the one with Jack Nicholson and Helen Hunt (forgot the name now).

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@jca That was Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey, although there were two films made, Lost in San Francisco being the other.

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The Jack Nicholson/Helen Hunt movie is As good As It Gets.
I am very sentimental, and it doesn’t take much to make me tear up.

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Oh yeah, @filmfann and @ucme: Homeward Bound and As Good as It Gets. Another one that kills me is The Yearling (Gregory Peck, 1942). There was aso Harry and Tonto, about an old man (Art Carney) and his cat, which was sad, too.

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I’m a huge sap, and cry pretty easily at movies. I also cry at weddings.

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I am so going to get made fun of for this, but:

I cry when Rose has to watch Jack’s body float away in Titanic.
I also cry when Maggie dies in City of Angels.
I sob in Passion of the Christ while Jesus is being beaten. Hey, even if you don’t believe in Christianity/religion of some sort, watching someone go through that sort of torture is gutwrenching…
And yes I’m silly, but I cry in Armageddon, when Harry is talking to his daughter right before he dies.

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@WillWorkForChocolate Wait until you hear mine, relentless ribbing is surely coming my way!

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@Michael_Huntington – You’re killing me, man! The subtitles didn’t show on my iPad, but there’s a transcript option. I’m laughing at myself as I bawl.

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I cried my eyes out watching the end of The Way We Were when Streisand tells Redford about their daughter whom he had never laid eyes on: “she is just beautiful, Hubble . You’d be so proud. ” He needed a kick in the teeth but I cried anyway.

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The final scenes of H2O and Angel Beats.

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Okay, i’ve put this off long enough, may as well get it out the way.
I have, in the past, cried at the end of E.T, also when Dorothy says goodbye to the scarecrow in Oz, but most shockingly of all, I wept real tears the first time I saw Wall-E, towards the end when it looked like he’d been broken…this was in front of the wife & kids, shame on me.

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@ucme Aww, lol, that’s nothing to be ashamed of! I cry in the beginning of Up. I usually just skip that part now.

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I love movies and songs that make me cry! The ones that come to mind are Marley and Me (tears me up inside), The Notebook (the end), A Walk to Remember (when she dies), The Green Mile (when they kill John Coffey), and The Lion King (when Mufasa dies). There are many others though.

@WillWorkForChocolate I cried during The Passion as well, even though I’m not particularly religious.

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@WillWorkForChocolate Bless you for that, you’re way kinder than my kids were…rotten buggers ;¬}
Loads of folks say that about the opening scenes from Up, it was moving but no tears flowed from these eyes…for once.

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@livelaughlove21 The Passion gets me going. I don’t just sob, I also flinch and jump every time the lash strikes him. I watch it every year around Easter, even though it tears me up. One reason it affects me so much is because I know Jim Caviezel actually suffered through the making of it. Those lashes literally tore chunks of his skin, despite all the padding and everything, so every time he gets hit, I imagine the pain. It’s all so real, that it makes my back sting.

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If it’s that time of month, just about anything can make me cry, something as minor as a t.v. advert!

As for crying with laughter, Billy Connolly, is the way to go!

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One Flew Over the Coo Coo’s Nest when I saw it for the first time, when it came out.
There have been a couple of others but can’t remember them.

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Saving Private Ryan when it was on at the cinema. Not all of it, but the landing scene at the beginning. Jesus Christ that was heavy shit – simply because it made me think that there were real people, some still really young – who actually got off landing craft and got torn to shreds the second the doors came down. It also made me feel sick. I’ve seen it a couple of times after that and it doesn’t bother me so much now, simply because I don’t think about the shit I just watch the film, but the first time I watched it, it was heavy going.

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Jesus, I’m a softy. Even fucking diamond commercials make me choke up.

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I am still unable to watch this without sobbing like a heartbroken child.

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I cry usually when I see a teary interaction with a father and child. Seeing John-John Kennedy salute his father’s casket going by tears me up just typing this.

My kids know that Linus’s recital of Luke and then “that’s what Christmas is all about Charlie Brown” from Charlie Brown Christmas will have me sobbing.

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Oh man I remember the first time I went to see Up! in the theater. Got nice and high, got my munchies and got all hyped to watch the movie. Movie starts and within the first 10 minutes I’m ballin like a little baby :P

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The snapshot of the girl in red from Schindler’s List in this predominantly black-and-white film.

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1. At the end of “It’s a Wonderful Life”
2. When father and son play catch in “Field of Dreams”
3. During the scene toward the end of the 1951 version of “A Christmas Carol” when Scrooge shows up at his nephew’s party
4. During the crash scene in “Fearless” (If the visuals don’t get you, the soundtrack will)
5. At various moments and the end of “Love Actually”
6. All the way through a lovely ‘50s British film called “Mandy”
Countless others.

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Just thought of another one. The episode of Futurama where Fry found the fossil of his dog Seymour and the whole episode Fry is torn between bringing his dog back in the future or leaving him at rest. In the end he decides that Seymour probably went on to have a full and happy life without him and he would let him rest. And as the viewer you think, well that was the responsible thing to do, good job Fry. Then they cut to this. Still brings tears to my eyes when I watch that episode.

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The Walking Dead- spoiler if you aren’t caught up

When Rick sees his little baby and realizes Lori didn’t make it. I watched the episode twice and cried both times. I’m talking tears rolling down the face and snot bubbles. sad, sad, sad

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snot bubbles”…reminds me of this girl at school I fancied, turned around to ogle her in class one day just when she sneezed, you could have knitted a small jumper with the snot string hanging from her nose, put me right off her, fickle fucker that I was!

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It’s very rare that I watch a film and don’t cry at some point! I will be seeing Les Miserables this weekend and I guarantee that, if the stage show is anything to go by, I will cry.

Any animal film makes me cry.

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Just watched Frankenweenie last night. Yea there was a moment there that brought some tears to my eyes. Not really crying but tearin up.

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@ucme Then again there were girls at school who I would have drooled to have them sneeze on me.

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