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What is that sorce for the installer app that lets you install all those nes roms?

Asked by Melonking (1221points) June 9th, 2008 from iPhone

You know the one you add it to your source list and then download a file and it installs almost every game into your nes emulator.

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and this is for ? what exactly do you want to do ?

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Is that not obvis I want to install all those NES game roms on to my iPhone NES emulator AND PLAY NES GAMES ON MY IPHONE HAHAHAHAHA duck hunt hear I come.

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aaaah, i see, well, haven’t had any experience with that one, what if you put in the individual rom files ? you do know you have to own the original games to play the ROM’s, right ?

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Im not so shore thatNintendo will mind a few riped NES games, I honstly think they wont mind.

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Its ok I found them for any one intrested add this link to your sources “” for this to work you will need to have the NES emulator instaled it will be in games folder, when you have the sorce in your sorces look up “NES ROMs” in all pakedges. And install it.

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