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What style of art is being used here?

Asked by lightsourcetrickster (1902points) January 8th, 2013

is currently my desktop wallpaper. I really like it because of the old school look it has and it’s very simple. Just a bunch of basic shapes and gradients. What I need to know is do you know what style of art this is called, and more specifically do you know of any exact links where I might be able to find more examples of this?

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Looks like Art Deco to me. I can’t find much for links right now (it’s almost bedtime and brain is mush) but the bold colors and simple shapes bring up that 1920s-40s deco vibe.

A little Googling netted me:
Same style
More art deco

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I agree with @jerv . It looks Art Deco. You might like Tamara Lempicka
Old travel posters are often in the style od Art Deco too. There are lots more if you search for them.

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I thought as much, just thought I’d get some opinions on it to see if I was right or not. Thanks for the answers @jerv @Earthgirl

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Reminds me of the art in some Batman feature-length cartoons. Let me look for it.

Something like this

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Ha. Batman Arkham Asylum. That walk down that bloody corridor is TOO bastardin’ long!

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There is a bit of streamline moderne thrown into it.

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Very slightly yes. I remember painting in that sort of style but thinking of attempting it in Photoshop now.

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Art Deco. I agree with the others who said that.

Go to Miami.

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