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What is your tattoo acceptance threshold, and is there a difference for men and women?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26829points) June 30th, 2011

How many tattoos do you figure is too many tattoos? Is it the tattoo subject matter, placement, workmanship, size, etc that makes it a ”go” or a ”no” for you? Is a full shoulder-to-shoulder tattoo the same in presentation on a woman as a man? What about a woman with 6 to 8 medium tattoos is that worse or better than her having a large tattoo on her belly? If a guy with a ”tattoo t-shirt” with ink all the way to his jaw worse than one with a tattoo on his face? What tattoos thrill you and which ones throw you?

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I dislike them

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I don’t like tatoos on men or women.

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I don’t care either way. I will worry about my own body, what anyone else does with theirs is none of my business.
I have tattoos and I like tattoos, but there isn’t a line where I say “that’s too many” or “that’s too few.” Man or woman.

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I don’t care for a ton of tattoos on women or men. I especially don’t like the full coverage tattoos (body, torso, limbs, etc). I don’t know why. I just don’t find it visually appealing. And, yes, subject matter is important to me.

People can do what they want to their skin. I just don’t like it when the tattoos are everywhere. In saying that, I do not think the people themselves are any less of a person. I just find it less attractive/appealing. I certainly wouldn’t use it as a reason not to be friends, or more, with someone. There are far more important things.

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I am not a tattoo person, but if I liked/loved someone I am fine with a few. I like them to be in places easily covered. Not because I don’t want to see them, but because I think it shows better judgement to get them in a place that can be covered if is more appropriate for the event being attended.

I guess my limit would be hard to describe, but there is a point where it becomes hard for me to look at. I don’t like when they are just everywhere, taking over more than 50 percent of the body. I guess maybe anything to excess bothers me. Having said that, I don’t prejudge the person, I don’t assume anything about them. I know many wonderful people with many tattoos, but it is not what I am attracted to.

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I look forward to seeing future old folks tottering around complaining about the weather & constipation, with Mother Fucker stamped across their foreheads. Should lead to an interesting after dinner conversation…..harrumph!

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@ucme What if they just explain for the 50,000th time what that tear drop at the corner of their eye meant. Har har

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@Hypocrisy_Central Only by now the corner of their eye is located on their cheek.

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Oh my goodness…I didn’t even know this was possible, tongue tattoo. And a zipper tongue?! Wow.

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That had to be Photoshopped, I can’t see anyone going through that much pain and I am not sure the ink isn’t toxic.

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@Hypocrisy_Central Yeah, I think the pictures I linked of the tattoo and zipper tongue is indeed photoshopped but tongue tattoos are real – and split tongues (I searched around more after posting). Sorry for not checking if the pictures were real first. ;)

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I like looking at other people’s tattoos, as long they aren’t on their private bits. The only ones that really give me pause are evil-looking ones on the head, like some of these.

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I love tattoos. I don’t particularly like facial tattoos – that, to me, is “too far”. I think sleeves are sexy.

I’m not a fan of profanity or nudity in tattoos, at least where they’re readily visible.

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My “acceptance threshold” for tattoos is the same as my “acceptance threshold” for fashion, hair, jewelry or any adornment or modification. If it looks good I like it, if it doesn’t I think “Oh, too bad”, if it’s offensive I think “What a jerk.”. All of those are, of course, subjective.

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Like @Seelix said, I love tattoos too, but not on the face. I don’t really have a threshold, except for when it comes to how much of my body can be tattooed.

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I definitely love tattoos, but there is certainly a point to where you should quit. I love sleeves and other random tattoos, but if your whole entire body is covered, or you’ve resorted to getting one on your face, I think it’s nasty.

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Tattoos are sexy. When I’m with someone new, finding out that they have a tattoo hidden under their clothes is the best kind of surprise. The only kinds I don’t like are ass antlers and cartoon characters. But I’m not going to judge other people for their tattoo choices because I’m not brave enough to get one, and it might be very meaningful to them.

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I personally like tattoos myself. I have a couple of them on my upper left arm and want to get a couple on my upper right arm eventually. I’m in the military so we’re discouraged from getting tattoos on the forearms and other noticeable places due to uniform wear and other considerations.

I don’t see it as particularly attractive if people have major portions of their bodies covered and especially if the tattoos don’t appear to be done by a skilled artist. The only exception to this is I have seen photographs of people, men and women alike, who have had large and very exquisite tattoos done on their backs.

I think tattoos on women, in moderation, can be very sexy.

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I love them on other people. Don’t want any for myself, though.

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I prefer finger paints.

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I don’t like tattoos on any person. That does not mean they aren’t acceptable to me. If you like tattoos, have three hundred for all I care. I won’t judge you for it unless I’m alone at night in a dark alley.

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Tattoos are cool and people shouldn’t comment to someone who has a tattoo about how ’‘unchristian they are or tell them something awful’” The worst is when you have someone who’s self righteous telling you what to do with your body. I hate it!

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The only legitimate reason that I can see for a tattoo is to cover up an ugly scar. Otherwise, I have little or no tolerance for them. It is not my place to insist that people don’t get tattoos but I would certainly discourage anyone, man or woman, that asked.

I find face and neck tattoos particularly abhorrent and wonder at the persons lack of standards and self esteem and wonder why they would deface themselves. I hope this trend ends and kids find a less harmful way to rebel against adults. Tattoos are the way for the inarticulate and followers to rebel. A well educated and intelligent leader can state their points without covering themselves with graffiti.

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@Ron_C – I have a tattoo on my neck. I have great self-esteem, and I don’t know what you mean by “standards”, but I bristle when someone (anyone) makes snap judgements based on appearance.

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@Seelix I can’t speak to your self esteem because I don’t know you but I do know that people I’ve met are easily swayed by group opinion and value the judgement of others rather than their own.

Like I said. I don’t seek out people to criticize their ‘artwork’ I’m just answering the question about how I feel about permanently marking a body. The Nazi’s found tattoos very useful for marking Jews. Today, people set themselves up for derision by their own free will. I just don’t understand that.

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I am not tattooed,nor will I ever be.
I have more of a problem with bad artwork that is permanent than I do with people who like/want/have tattoos.I couldn’t care less what they do.
I would however, gladly give someone a tattoo.XD

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@Ron_C – Well, you’re definitely entitled to your opinion, as is anyone else. But I do have to disagree with your statement that Tattoos are the way for the inarticulate and followers to rebel. I’m quite intelligent and articulate, and my tattoos are not intended to shock or express rebellion toward anyone. As for education, I have a BA and MA, and am starting my PhD in the fall.

I may be the exception to your “rule”, but I honestly don’t think that’s the case. I suppose I take issue more with the blanket generalizations in your answers than with their actual content – what you say may be true for some people, but by no means is it true for all.

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I can’t make a judgement. Everyone is different, and I react differently to different tattoos on different people. I’ve seen beautiful work on some people and prison tats on others that scared the shit out of me, so who’s to say? No blanket statements here.

I know for me, 2 will be enough. I have one now. That one (as well as the one I will soon get) are located where they can’t be seen unless one loves me very, very much. I chose designs that mean something to me on a deep level and made sure that the artist I chose was a professional. I’ll be going back to him for the second one. He had over 30 years experience and does them for rock stars on the regular. When I’m old, I’m not going to regret any of my ink.

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I think everyone has the right to tattoo their bodies, if they so desire.. I’m more offended by people who go around judging a book by it’s cover….. Humans have been inking their skin since time immemorial for holistic, medical purposes & tribal display & signatures of family, rank & status in some civilisations…. It’s just what we do.. I’ll bet there are many people who have a secret tattoo, one they just had to have for themselves… myself, I have some………

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On myself or my immediate family members? Zero.

On friends, a couple of tasteful ones. My husband & I cannot even look at people with ear plugs or face/neck tats.

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@Seelix you probably are an exception to the rule and I don’t want to denigrate or argue with you.

I was answering the question from my experience. The first people I saw with tattoos were in the military. Some had the tattoo to show their pride in their branch of service. Others said “I was drunk and it seemed like a good idea, at the time.” I can understand the former, but promised myself that I would never get drunk enough to join the latter group.

Later the tattoos were on teenagers and young adults trying to be cool like the rest of their crowd.
Those, to me, are the followers, trend followers, and lack the ability to think for themselves.

I know no one that, as an adult, decided to get a tattoo other than ones how had very low self-esteem and not a terribly high intelligence. I just keep my mouth shut and avoid discussing the markings.

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Call me stodgy, but I think anything beyond full body plus one eyeball is outrageous. My own tattoos are situated only on internal organs; they are only visible to companions engaged in the most intimite interactions.

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Oh dear, I guess I’d better make a therapy appointment (that is, if I can figure out how to dial the phone, being of “not terribly high intelligence” and all.) My last two I got at ages 46 and 54.
@Ron_C : You might discover some interesting reasons for getting inked from high intelligence self-assured people if you didn’t avoid discussing such things.

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I’m fine with tattoos on anyone, as long as they’re not terribly offensive. As far as my “acceptance threshold” goes, for whatever reason, I’m less okay with ladies who have facial tats than I am with men having the same. Some odd quirk of mine, I guess, but it just sort of feels less “ladylike” for a woman to have tattoos on the face.

@Ron_C “I know no one that, as an adult, decided to get a tattoo other than ones how had very low self-esteem and not a terribly high intelligence.”

Really? Then you must know a lot of low-class, trashy people. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with my self-esteem and (not bragging here) I think I’m pretty damned intelligent. I’m 32, and my birthday present from my husband was to get both my daughters’ names tattooed going down both sides of my ribcage (please excuse the “debris” around the second pic; that pic was taken on day 2 when the tat was still fresh and beginning to shed) . It hurt like hell, but it was worth it and my daughters love them. They refer to them as their tattoos. I have 8 tattoos total, but they all remain covered unless I choose to show them.

But golly gee, duh, I guess I maybe shouldn’ta got no tats, seein as how it means I ain’t got no self esteem and I’m a dummy. Gee whillikers, mister, I had no idea likin tattoos meant I wuz stoopid. Huh. I need some alone time to think about where I go from here…

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Gender is irrelevant!

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For the record: I have three tattoos. I got my first when I was 21, my second when I was 23 and my most recent when I was 27. All are designs that are near and dear to my heart, and all were very well thought out. I have plans for three more, which will have to wait until I can afford them.

Nowhere on any of my university applications for any of my degrees did I have to list my tattoos and their locations in order to prove my intelligence. My grades speak for themselves.

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I love tattoos on both men and women. I find them sexy and I don’t care how much they have. I do care if they got them because they wanted to be cool instead of them actually having a meaning behind them.

I have a lot myself and I never got them because I wanted to be different. I like them because I’m opinionated, I love to teach people new things, I’m shy and I love art. Tattoos are a great why to break the ice and get to talking about new subjects. Also I get to wear my opinions and beliefs on my skin. I’m a very open person.

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Depends on the quality and content, for me (and to a lesser degree, location).

I’ve seen full sleeves on both men and women that I found to be beautiful, although that’s fairly rare – usually I don’t find them that artistically attractive. Cheesy, stupid, offensive, or trendy tats are never good. For some reason, I’ve never liked neck or face tattoos. But many tattoos are true works of art.

@pluckydog The first link is beautiful, if fake. The tongue has such an irregular texture and such a high tissue regeneration rate, I’d be surprised if much can be done with it. And that’s way too much detail for such a small area – a back piece, maybe.

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I haven’t got anything against people who have tattoos, but I personally would never get one.

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Hey, @WillWorkForChocolate , you’re from Texas, right? And I’m from New Jersey…I guess that splains a lot! XP

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I don’t care until the person starts getting them on the neck/face/head. Then it’s just thug and they can feel free to steer clear of me.

But even if they had whole sleeves or more, unless they are conducting themselves poorly or present themselves poorly (and of course or both), then I don’t care… tattoos have been around alot longer than business suits.

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I have no tattoos and I don’t really like them though they seem popular with the younger generation.

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I have no tattoo threshold. Judging people for tattoos is short-sighted, period. Of course, I’m biased, I have many tattoos and I love when people get intricate pieces done. I think it’s dumb to have to conceal tattoos for special times or work.

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@mrrich724 It depends what kinds of facial and neck tattoos they get. There are tribal tattoos from other countries that are on the face and it doesn’t make those people seedy or even thuggish. I have a tattoo on the back of my neck, as well as a religious one on my face. It’s small but noticeable.

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@Seelix and @WillWorkForChocolate and @JilltheTooth Like I said, in my experience, maybe I only met lower class people with tattoos. I also said that I don’t feel it is my duty to volunteer an opinion as to whether a person gets a tattoo or not. I probably should have never answered this question because I am getting flack from people that I have never met and cannot have an opinion about.

I would guess that you are fine people with high I.Q. and high self-esteem because you all say so. Fine, I gave my opinion, you gave yours, and as far as I am concerned, this discussion is over. Your opinion hasn’t changed and neither has mine. The end.

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@Ron_C Welcome to the Irukandji Club, we will give you a Jr. membership.

by the way, I got the context of how you mentioned it.

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About 2 square centimeters.

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@Hypocrisy_Central I had to look that up; ” Irukandji jellyfish a deadly jellyfish which is the most venomous creature in the world” That’s rather unkind. I believe that I suggested that whether you get a tattoo or not is your personal decision, not mine. I fail to see the poisonous nature in my answer.

Hypocrisy_Central's avatar

@Ron_C I had to look that up; ” Irukandji jellyfish a deadly jellyfish which is the most venomous creature in the world” That’s rather unkind I am not saying you or the most deadliest seas creature as I am not either. No one, especially swimmers, want to be in the water when the Irukandji floats by, for obvious reasons. When you made the comment you made of which people for personal reason, ripped it right out of context, they were treating you as if you were Irukandji floating by wrecking their beach party. Believe me, I have been there. I would be the last one to jump ape s*** all over a comment you fairly made from your personal observation and experience. You said ” I find face and neck tattoos particularly abhorrent and wonder at the persons lack of standards and self esteem and wonder why they would deface themselves.” of which I am sure many people interpret as you saying people with tattoo like that have self-esteem problems as a fact not your opinion. Happens here way more than it should. You followed up a little later with, ” A well educated and intelligent leader can state their points without covering themselves with graffiti.” Which I am sure many misinterpreted as you stating a fact that only well-educated people avoided tattoos which by default has to say those with tattoos are less educated, slow, or simpletons. I am sure many read that into the passage when it wasn’t even there. Which I feel led to frustration causing you to utter ”I just keep my mouth shut and avoid discussing the markings.” I seen everywhere you were coming from. My comment was attached to the perceived response of you making your comment because it didn’t jive with what most others wanted to go with, that is all. It was not about or at you personally.


If the tattoo is not too gaudy or ornate, not too large, and simple enough to be “elegant”, like small figure of a voluptuous woman placed not too conspicuously on the arm of a man, or an animal, then it’s fine with me. When a whole arm or back is covered, however,—-yeech.

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I think tattoos are a valid and sometimes creative means of self-expression. There are some I see that I like a lot, and there are some I see that I dislike.

What about Barbie’s Tramp Stamp?

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@Yetanotheruser Why do everyone thinks that a tattoo across the lumbar reagion of the back is a “tramp stamp”? And do feminist believe calling a stamp stamp somewhat sexist?

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@Hypocrisy_Central I have two daughters and have always been a feminist. I want them to have the same rights and privileges as any man. I want equal pay for equal work and I think a tattoo on the lower back is indeed a tramp stamp whether it is on a man or woman. Of course, you know what I think about tattoos, in general from previous posts.

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@Hypocrisy_Central I didn’t coin the term, and I use it with no negative connotation. I think it’s interesting that a tattoo is depicted on a fashion doll.

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@Yetanotheruser I think it’s interesting that a tattoo is depicted on a fashion doll. Elucidate please. Why or how do you find it interesting, or in what way? ;-)

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