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If you could ban one thing, what would it be?

Asked by bolwerk (10310points) January 8th, 2013

You can snap your fingers and ban anything you want. The state will enforce the ban indefinitely. What would you proscribe and why?

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I would ban the use of calling and texting in moving vehicles.

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Snapping fingers.

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Reality TV is the first one that comes to mind.
I become a little more misanthropic every time I see an ad for a reality TV show. And I don’t like feeling that way.

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Assault weapons and high capacity magazines.

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Perfume or small dogs. I can’t decided. What a tough decision. hmm…

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“Enforce” like the texting and driving ban is being enforced, or effectively enforce?

I mean, is the thing going to be gone, or am I just going to have more reason to complain about something still happening?

If the enforcement is actually effective, my answer is as follows:
“The indoctrination of children below the age of 15 to religion or political identity.”

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Chubby little country & western singers who look like they pick their nose & eat the snotty contents & then start babblin on about “ma poorly broken heart now ma baby bear has gone left me.”

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@ucme hahahahahaha!!!

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@KNOWITALL She left because of your nasty nasal habits, get over it Doowayne!

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I’d ban bolwerk. To Guantanamo Bay with you.

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leaf blowers

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Hawaiian shirts.

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Ok. I admit it. The first thing that came to mind was: conservatives.

Sigh. I’m not proud of that. But what else can I say? Guns? Country music? Eggplant? Cancer? Various other diseases? Bullies? Terrorists? Marriage? The jelly who hates me?

So many things to ban. Now I think I’d rather ban some other things on the list instead of conservatives. Oh well.

Ok. It’s a tie between bullies and cancer.

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Is this a trick question, do I get to ban only one thing, or do I have a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choice?

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lite beer

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Having re-read the title of the question. If I had one thing and one thing only to ban, I would ban any marriage that was not one man and one woman. God only gave Adam one woman, and Eve on husband, and that was Adam; a male, and Eve was a female less anyone forget.

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@Hypocrisy_Central : Why not just ban homos?

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The FDA…

…for trying to ban electronic cigarettes.

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@josie What did I ever do to you?

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Why are you selling yourself short?

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Oh…I’m short now!?

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Just funnin’

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@SABOTEUR: For real? I hadn’t heard about that. The FDA is trying to ban them outright??

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Hell…they been tryin’ to ban e-cigs for at least 3 years! I’ve been vaping for 4…!

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The claim is, electronic cigarettes pose a potential health risk.


Uh…cigarettes are a proven health risk. Why no ban on tobacco products?!

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@bookish1 @Hypocrisy_Central : Why not just ban homos? Banning them would not stop multiple husbands or multiple wives in a marriage, and that is still outside the design and plan the Mighty I Am, King of kings, and Lord of Lords had for marriage; so simply banning gays is no cure.

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intolerance and bigotry

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Social media sites

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Talk Radio, though I would settle on Ann Coultier.

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Hm. Enviromental pollution, I suppose, or perhaps rampant development.

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I contemplated this for a while figuring that most of my choices were too biased, restrictive, or just plain unfair. But I think I’ve settled on one: biological warfare. Outside of producing research that could potentially contribute towards other scientific causes at a later time, I see no benefit to biological warfare.

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Television commercials targeted at children.

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@mattbrowne Oh, why limit yourself thus. Why not commercials targeted at people?

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@jojo – Because we live in free countries. Only children need special protection. Mature adults can make their own choices.

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