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Superman has kryptonite, you have...

Asked by zensky (13357points) January 8th, 2013
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Back scratches.

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a bad knee.

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Sexy tendo Achilles

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Marina’s bad knee plus one of my own.

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A mezuzzah

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a chrome dome.

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Just the pants, no cape, but at least I can borrow a phone box even if there is no door on it.

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A redheaded woman with legs up to her armpits. Not just any redheaded woman either, just this one particular one.

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Well apparently you have a dark lord midget with multiple personalities…..but that’s old news now so I’ll stop that.

I have Jack Daniels. Two doubles of that on an empty stomach is likely to knock anyone for six. That said, I am partial to a JD and coke on the rocks every once in a while.

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A hole where the rain gets in
And stops my mind from wandering
Where it will go

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Mary Jane

@bookish1 I love how you can literally find an XKCD comic relevant to every conversation

@Hawaii_Jake wtf did I just watch….

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@uberbatman It’s Turkish oil wrestling and makes me smile.

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Now Jakey…

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Now zensky…it’s your question. I’m answering truthfully. :-P

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Go ahead. Have your way with me. But be quick.

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@Hawaii_Jake what exactly is the point? I mean is it like normal wrestling but oiled up? Cause I saw a lot of hands going down pants :P

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@uberbatman I honestly don’t know. I found the video today by chance. :-P I’ve honestly never seen it before.

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Why are you two sticking your tongue out all the time?

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@zensky You’re one to talk! :-P

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My kryptonite? It’s, ummm… kryptonite.

also my wife’s french maid outfit

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Tell us more, @filmfann and pics or it never happened.

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I have no weaknesses. I’m awesome.

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Course, if Beyonce answered she’d probably say cellulite, seeing as though it’s highly unlikely that she will, I shall answer in her stead…i’m going for crayons.

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Beyonce has no cellulite and is one of the most stunning women in the world.

The cellulite comments are what make women anorexic.

I say leave that shit alone.

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@Symbeline Course you do. Pillow virus. : )

@zensky You mean go beyondce?

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I meant from being pregnant, climb off ya soapbox mister!
Nowt wrong with stretch marks anyway, kind of like a “birthmark”, shows how much effort all those wonderful mothers put in.

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You can call it a soapbox but it’s serious stuff. I was listening to Karen Carpenter the other day… seriously – it’s time men shut the fuck up about weight. What if your daughter got all self-conscious and became bolemic and anorexic?

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Now you’re preaching to the coverted fella, it was but a mere gag, a throw away line, because it rhymed with kryptonite more than anything else.
Hey, this reminds of the good old early days on here when we’d go toe to toe, I still have the blisters…happy days.

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Okay, where’s the fucking cameras? Smile, you’re on candid ca…now there’s a blast from the past!.

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