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Help locate episode(s) WKRP's (Gary Sandy) Andy Travis wore zippered brown coat w/ "Andy" on left & WKRP/tower on right breast?

Asked by UvulaCrusher (83points) January 8th, 2013

Hi- I’m looking for a HUGE W.K.R.P. fan or even a HUGE Gary Sandy fan! This coat has a zipper running up the entire front. Its’ brown with a brown lining and is NOT the heavy coat with the white trim around the neck etc he also wore on the classic show. Additionally, this coat has “Andy” embroidered on the left pocket and a radio station tower with WKRP imposed on the radio station tower and embroidered on the right breast. The cuffs and bottom of the coat are a darker brown. We’d be incredibly grateful for any assistance locating a photo still from the episode or even just a black & white publicity still of it. We own the jacket and would like to have it framed with a photo showing Gary wearing it. We also have a W.K.R.P. baseball cap he wore. The bill and top front are white or’s faded. The patch on the top front has white trim with a red background; and say’s WKRP in caps and ROCK ‘N ROLL below it..the text is in WHITE…...the baseball cap has RED mesh surrounding both sides and the back of the hat. This would mean SOOO much if someone could help!!!! If you know any W.K.R.P. trivia buffs/fans or Gary Sandy fans please pass this along. We’d do something for the first person to get us a photo of either/both items being worn by him. Thanks! P.S. I can supply photos to help in this search if that would be helpful, contact me!

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Have you tried watching the You Tube episodes. There would surely be something there.

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Thanks for the reply. Yes, I’ve tried YouTube but the episodes get pulled all the time, due to copyrights mainly due to the music they used in the show. That’s also the reason the show never made it past the 1st season on DVD. The fans HATED the dvd versions without the original music. The canned music they put on the DVDs actually hurt the plots as well since it was often being referenced during the shows, like the episode where Mr. Carlson & Dr. Johnny Fever are listening to Pink Floyd and instead of dogs barking it’s some fake drum & bass music.

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Here’s someone on who has transcribed the episodes to DVD on his own, claims all 90 episodes with original music. Probably VHS quality put to digital, but it might get you what you want, less than $20.

Here it is

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Thanks. I may resort to that. However, since I actually work in the entertainment industry resorting to purchasing bootlegs is going to be a last resort. If I can narrow down which episode(s) it was worn in then there are licensed publicity stills that can be purchased. Bootlegs hurt everyone in the industry. Additionally, the quality of an image lifted a minimum of 4th generation….initially aired…..recorded on a vcr…..transferred from a vcr to a dvd by the bootlegger…and then I’d have to lift if off that…..might be pretty grainy for something professionally framed. I’m NOT puttind down your answer! I’m explaining why I’m hoping to go another avenue if possible, where a fan recognizes the episode. Thanks for the helpful reply, because it is something I can at least look into. You’ll notice that these are not allowed on eBay, Amazon etc. as eBay, Amazon etc. will not allow known bootlegs like this.

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Well, from what it sounds like, the entertainment industry is hurting itself by not releasing the show on a format that can be played in this century. Just saying.

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@Seek_Kolinahr Courtesy of Wikipedia…...the issue has to do with song writing royalties, and the issue is not one that only applies to W.K.R.P. It hurts W.K.R.P. more since it was a radio station, but again, many early shows had the same issue, it’s just more extensive for a radio station that had music playing all thru the episodes “Music licensingThe show was one of the earliest to extensively use contemporary music by big groups and artists of the time such as The Who, Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones, and Elvis Presley.

The show’s use of Blondie’s “Heart of Glass” was widely credited with helping the song become a major U.S. hit, and the band’s record label Chrysalis Records presented the producers with a gold record award for the album Parallel Lines, on which the song appeared. This gold record can be seen hanging on the wall in the “bullpen” where Les, Herb, and Bailey worked in many of the episodes in the second, third, and fourth seasons.

The songs were often tied into the plot of the episode, and some pieces of music were even used as running gags. For example, the doorbell to Jennifer’s penthouse apartment played “Fly Me to the Moon” (which was later replaced by “Beautiful Dreamer” due to copyright reasons).

Music licensing deals cut at the time of production were for a limited amount of time (approximately ten years). Once the licenses expired, later syndicated versions of the show did not feature the music as first broadcast, but rather generic “sound-alikes” by studio musicians to avoid paying additional royalties. In some cases (when the music was playing in the background of a dialogue scene), some of the characters’ lines had to be re-dubbed by sound-alike actors. This was evident in all prints of the show issued since the early 1990s, which included its late-1990s run on Nick at Nite.

As a result, production on a WKRP DVD was delayed for years because of the expense of procuring music license. However, as was done with many other television series, the DVD release of WKRP in Cincinnati — Season One has much of the music replaced by generic substitutes. In addition, some scenes have been cut or truncated and voice-overs used to avoid using unlicensed musical content.[15] Other scenes that were originally edited for television and thus never before seen were added back into the episodes to give viewers the backstory which further explained a later scene. According to TV Guide magazine, creator Hugh Wilson said he was “satisfied” with the final product for DVD release.”

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