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How to get windows 7 to pickup wireless signals?

Asked by Mr_Grimm (367points) January 10th, 2013

I am trying to get my Network Card : Broadcom BCM4309 802.11a/b/g to work on my windows 7 computer. I went to this site to get the drivers and stuff for it. They seem to be working and it appears in my network connections as a wireless adapter with the green bars and a small red x next to it. So it’s picking the signals up, but for some strange reason windows 7 won’t read them. I even installed this program called xitrus wifi inspector and it told me that i had a bunch of wireless networks including the one I am trying to connect to. I try to connect to it through this program and it just tells me that windows can’t find any networks. This is really frustrating me. Yes the hardware and software are working correctly. Windows can’t find anything wrong with it. So why is windows telling me lies? Thank you for your help!

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One suggestion is for you to delete (I think it’s called “forget”) all the networks that currently show up, reboot, and then try connecting. Windows can be tricky about connecting to wireless.

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they don’t show up period… i can’t even find manage networks

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Right-clicking the bars should allow you to open the relevant controls. However, given the wide variety of Broadcom cards, I think it possible that you have the wrong driver; they tend to misbehave in relatively subtle ways.

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i seem to always download the wrong driver. this driver i installed seems to be the only one that makes the thing recieve signals and doesn’t show up gray and disabled.. I went to the hardware store today to look for adapters, and they all range from prices that aren’t in my wallet..

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Personally, I use a USB wifi dongle on those desktop systems I don’t have near the router, and CAT5 cable for my main bog which is right next to where my router is. I find that wifi rarely makes sense for desktop systems anyways, but keep the dongle in case I need to repair somebody else’s system.

Broadcom is unhelpful, but the company that made your PC might be more useful. What sort of computer (make and model) is it?

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My pc is a Dell Optiplex GX620 pentium 4 HT

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Old! To be honest, I wonder how Win7 even runs on that thing…

Anyways, you are in luck because Dell actually keeps support pages open for hardware that is 8 years old – here it is

You probably need the last of the four under Network – Download link

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suprisingly enough it runs great! I have 4 gigs of ram, and a nvidia 9400GT. The only thing is there is a bios update for it. but it doesn’t support this OS. Thank you for those links, i’ll check them out.

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unfortunately I went to go use the dell update scanner for my computer, My operating system isn’t a supported configuration.

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I seemed to have figured out the problem. I went to msconfig, and I went to system configuration and i checked off normal boot, restarted my pc, and bam it magically began working! I was soo excited! Thank you for your help sir!

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