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Reach for a snack and beverage - okay - what was it?

Asked by zensky (13357points) January 10th, 2013

I just had whole wheat crackers with French style cheese (Napoleon). Coffee.

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Coffee and whole wheat muffin, egg whites and pepperoni.

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Hey – separated at birth?

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almonds and Adagio loose leaf wuyi ensemble

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Before Christmas it was milk or coffee and cookies in the afternoon.

Now it’s a piece of cheese and some deli sliced ham or turkey and some sparkling water, maybe some raw almonds or unsalted pistachios.

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Green tea and a bowl of noodles!

I’ve been addicted to the Japanese restaurant in this plaza.

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Sadly, the cupboards are bare today. I guess it would be a cup of tea and a toasted bagel with cream cheese.

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Vanilla yogurt and coffee. Probiotic and diuretic.

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At the moment it is water and a SlimFast snack.

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Right now I’m having a turkey sandwich and a bottle of water.

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Some marcona almonds and a cup of Earl Grey Tea.

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@Kardamom You’re a topic again lol.

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Cheddar cheese and hot tea.

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Yogurt… coffee… lobster tail and butter if available.

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Red wine and cheese.

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Most of these are pretty healthy snacks…sort of an oxymoron to me. :)

Hm, let’s see. How about a cheese quesadilla with some cool ranch Doritos? Or pretzels with peanut butter? Or chocolate?

Ugh, low-carbing it kills me. This week sucks.

As for beverage, a Cherry Coke Zero.

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Coffee. It’s been brewed with a horseshoe. I also have a Chocomax bar, ready to be eaten soon.

and a jar of eyeballs

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Ok. I’m hungry again. I’m now consuming a Fage Total 2% greek yogurt (plain). I also had a cup of Tazo organic chai a few minutes ago. I think this thread is making me hungry.

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green tea and chocolate left over from the holiday.
Those candies aren’t going to eat themselves.

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sugar-free peach iced tea and SNACK MIX.

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There is nothing within reach right now – I finished my coffee just before I answered this question.

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Ok… Warsteiner and cough drops.

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Water. No snack. Snack not allowed.

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@Wundayatta, you aren’t even allowed to snack on celery, jicama and carrot sticks?

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Food—Greasy, salty, and vegan. Good candidates include potato chips, french fries, onion rings, pretzels, and (non-buttered) popcorn.

Beverage—Dry white wine.

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@Kardamom I’m allowed. After all, I’m in charge. But there aren’t any around here. I’d have to bring them in. Which sounds suspiciously like work. Also eating those things sounds like work. I’d rather just drink water.

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@Wundayatta, I’ll bring them to you, I’m already up : )

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I’m all out of snacks here at work. This question made me double check my desk drawers and nothing. Then it made me wonder why I was so hungry and I realized I hadn’t had my lunch (Slimfast) so I just got it out of the fridge and I’m having it now. I’ve been so annoyed at work today I forgot to have it earlier.

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I don’t usually have snacks because my diet consists of a split breakfast and a split lunch. I eat half at one time the other half two hours later.

I’m really sick today, so I had a glass of milk earlier, and I finally crawled out of bed at 2 pm. I am now trying to get through two slices of buttered whole wheat toast and two halves of canned peach, with a cup of coffee.

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@YARNLADY So sorry to hear that you are sick. Do you have that horrible flu? I wish I could come over and give you some soup.

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@Kardamom No, thank goodness. I have a very debilitating cold with coughing and runny nose My head felt like it was about to explode last night.

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Well it’s breakfast actually. Couple of slices of toast and a big glass of water.

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@YARNLADY Glad you don’t have to flu, but sorry you are feeling lousy right now. I hope someone over there is giving you TLC. Or is everyone else sick too?

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If only I could! My choice would be cheese and crackers too or perhaps brie en croute with apple slices. My beverage? Bring me a spritz please! Since I went to Padua I am addicted!

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Tofu with sesame seed sauce, and a swig of organic carrot juice.

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Sprite zero (I know, not good but I am off Coke so gotta drink something) and an adorable niece sent me real honest to goodness hard pretzels from east coast USA, so I am having one of them. It is heavenly!

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Well now it’s midnight, so my next snack is going to be a virgin’s blood.

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I can have anything? Right now I’d like buttered popcorn and a cold Kaliber beer

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I just had a mango, wow, they are so good this year!

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@Symbeline Before you drink her, could I borrow her for half an hour or so?

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I’m still snackless. Obviously, I didn’t get to the store last night. Hongray too. Meh

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@wundayatta But then she won’t be a virgin anymore, and she’ll be useless to me! I need pure blood!

…oh I see. You’re going to save all the innocent virgins from me by having sex with them. you sly devil you

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@Symbeline Now no need to be jealous. I can have sex with you, too.

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ka reeeeppyy ^^

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Crackers and cream cheese. I can never get enough cheese.

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Soon I am going to have a crumpet for breakfast. This afternoon I have some home made mango, rum and lime ice cream for a snack. Looking forward to trying out my newest flavour.

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Oh @cookieman, don’t worry. I’ll do you, too. I’m just that giving.

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