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Have you used any uncommon vocabulary words recently?

Asked by PhiNotPi (12647points) January 10th, 2013

Every so often, I use a vocabulary word that I haven’t used in a very long time. Earlier today, I used the word “lest” for the first time in ages. It’s interesting that I can understand a word’s meaning without remembering the last time I have ever used that word.

Ate there any uncommon vocabulary words that you have used recently?

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I found myself using the word “Polonium” in a sentence Christmas Eve, when my brother asked my what is in cigarettes that is really dangerous.

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Credit reduction state. I had to look up what states that applied to today.

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Fun question, @PhiNotPi. I used the word “lest” just today.
I also used “inchoate” today. It’s one of my favorites (and often describes the state of my projects…...........)

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Ostensibly :)

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Vocabulary is fun. I used “jargon” the other day.
Sorry it took so long to respond…I was trying to think of any others that I might have used. Oh well. If I do, I’ll post them later.

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Reconnaisance. As in, I sent it in to make sure “said blower” wasn’t there before I arrived.

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I use less common words with alacrity. I am sometimes egregious about it, I like subtly showing off.

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I like to use the words “nifty” and “swell”. They’re oldies, but goodies.

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I never miss a chance to use “Terpsichorean”.

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“Supercoolandtrendy” & “Twee”…a happy coincidence right there.

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I used the word peccadillo today and just now, in looking up the correct spelling, I see that I have been misusing this word for years! I’m so annoyed because now one of my favorite words has shifted meaning and I can no longer use it the way in which I used to without knowing that it is wrong! Ah me, I guess it is my little peccadillo.

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Every so often I find myself unconsciously using a word I have never used before or have not used for a long time but do you think I can come up with an example right now? Of course not : (

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A number of years ago I used to get a new word delivered to my inbox every day. Once when I wanted to create a new message for my message minder I chose to use some of the words, I ended up with a somewhat wordy greeting to callers, it was great fun writing it.

You have reached the habitation of two newly-compossible women. The somewhat nebulous and enigmatic message assaulting your ears is spoken by someone who, while exhibiting a tendency towards taciturn behaviour, is generally not known for querulous demeanour. If you know her well and this last remark strikes you as somewhat specious, I beg you to consider that there is a soupcon of querulousness in us all; a vestige of the child we once were. Even our senescence does not make us any the less peccable. If you have a suitable riposte, be it germane or pejorative, I suggest you leave it after the beep, unless of course it is simply a harangue, in which case I ask you to hang up. PS. Must fly, I have a vernissage to attend.

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