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What's the English (and by English I don't necessarily mean UK), term for trimming cats' nails?

Asked by flo (13313points) April 10th, 2019

To keep the cats from scratching furniture, etc., some people get the nails removed. What is the term for that?

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It’s called “declawing.”

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I heard it’s not. They just didn’t say what it’s called.

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Trimming and removing are two separate things.
Trimming is called trimming, or cutting.
Removing is called declawing, like @janbb already stated.

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@rebbel Right. Trimming is trimming or, as @ragingloli says, clipping, and removing is declawing.

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@janbb Exactly.
I was editing my answer after I wrote and published it.

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I see. But they said declawing is something else, it’s not just removing the nails. So, what is just removing the nails called?

Trimming is a word that can be used for peoples’ nails. So, I’m looking for the word that applies strictly to cats.

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Look it up.

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…“Clipping” too, it’s not strictly about cats’ nails.

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The terms “onychectomy” (origin: Greek ὄνυξ onycho, nail + ἐκτομή ektome, excision) and declawing” imply mere claw removal, but a more appropriate description would be phalangectomy,[1] excision of toe bone.

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Yes. But what, exactly do you want, here? ”Declawing” is the common term for permanent removal of the entire claw.

” Clipping” is the common term for temporary removal of the claw.

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Either Onychectomy or Declawing, whichever you want to call it, is cruel and inhumane for cats.

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Although not as anatomically accurate, maiming and mutilation can be used to describe declawing.

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Peticure and manicure for humans. A manipety.

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Declawing, is actually amputating part of their paw, its not just removing the nail. Like if we had the tips of our fingers chopped off to remove our nails.

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You can trim/clip/cut the tip of the claw. There is no way to remove JUST the claw.
A cat’s claw is not a toenail. It is actually closely adhered to the bone. So closely adhered that to remove the claw, the last bone of the cat’s claw has to be removed.

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@anniereborn Your last sentence say that there are 2 procedure, and at the same time that there is one am I right?
According to vet/s there is trimming clipping the nail, and there is the other procedure that is way more than that, which some people say it’s cruel/inhumaine.
I don’t really know this site but:

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@flo I’m sorry if my response was confusing. But no, you are correct. There is trimming/clipping the nail (not removing, just trimming). And then there is what they call “declawing” which takes the all of it including the last bone of the cat’s claw. And yes that one is inhumane.

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Actually I just read something that also called declawing, deknuckling

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Thanks @anniereborn “denuckling” sounds accurate. Please post the link?

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