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OK - who's up for a chat? Come on in if you dare.

Asked by zensky (13357points) January 10th, 2013
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LOL – they immediately sent a Mod in.

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Why? Where?

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We didn’t send a mod in. I went in to say hi. :( I can leave if you don’t want me there.

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@zensky Tell me how you knew a mod was here? And hey @Seaofclouds. Welcome to the chat.

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First of all I know the mods – there aren’t many and secondly a star appears next to their name in chat.

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@Seaofclouds You know I lurve ya – I was kidding. Chat is free speech anyways.

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Wait. What? I really don’t….OOOOHHHH. Duh. I get it now.

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I went in for a few minutes!

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Damn it there’s no one there now. My life sucks.

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Boooo down with those Chat Chambers!

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Looks like everyone left by the time I got there. Next time!

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There is never anyone there by the time I arrive! Except every now and then Jakie is there, his time zone is closer to mine than most.

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Make it a group sex chat and I’m in. Pun intended.

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I went to chat, but no one was there. Wahhhhh

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Lights were on but nobody was home.

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