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Tactical force CEO threatens to kill people if President Obama pursues gun control legislation. WHY IS HE NOT IN JAIL?

Asked by SABOTEUR (12431points) January 11th, 2013 from iPhone
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Can anyone name a bill that Obama signed that was integral in limiting guns? Total blank here.

But it is great for the NRA to make you think he is going to steal your penis surrogates.

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Guess the South is about to rise again.

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@johnpowell To this point Obama has signed no legislation that has effects on gun rights/control/etc. However it is incredibly likely he will sign legislation, or executive order towards those ends within the next few weeks or months.

But in the end yah this is just a guy crying about his tiny penis imo.

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Fun fact: When this bozo spouts this kind of shit, he can be ruled 51/50, and he loses his rights to possess a gun. I can’t wait to sees who volunteers for the duty to go take them.

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Because he is a CEO and the current atmosphere is that so-called “job creators” are granted immunity from the republican party for doing anything to people who disagree with Obama.

Yes, that is slightly exaggerated. But the bottom line is that nothing will happen to this guy because the republicans will swarm around him and threaten to derail any litigation against him.

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One of my acquaintances was calling Obama a dictator the other day. “You can’t just override Congress like that…” Of course, if G W Bush is doing it, that’s a different matter.

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To answer the OP’s quite legitimate question, unless there is a “specific and credible” threat, it’s just hyperbolic speech (even if inflammatory) and therefore protected.

If he starts calling people out by name, that would be a different matter entirely. For example, if he mentioned threats against the President, then he would receive a visit from the Secret Service.

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Yeah. He didn’t mention anyone by name. He didn’t say he had any target, and it’s hard to imagine who his targets could be, since legislation is such an amorphous thing.

And it’s not as if anyone is going to take his guns. Existing guns will be grandfathered in, I’m pretty sure. It would be a stupid move to take away the guns people have already legally acquired. Although buying them back is a different story.

They guy is clearly not thinking straight. It’s a very emotional issue for him. Hard to imagine him being of much use in a tactical situation if he lets his emotions run away with him like that. I wouldn’t trust him to protect anyone I cared about.

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What @CWOTUS said.

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I was just talking to someone yesterday here in my office who’s brother purchased a bulk order of 9 mm and couldn’t find ammo, had to go across the state to find them and bought a lot. I was offered a 9mm for $300, no registration, of course I said no thanks.

I think a lot of you are a little too dismissive of the American people’s love affair with guns and freedom. I even heard someone talk about a private militia getting started in case the government ‘tries anything’.

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Of course the private militia, if it is ever used, will be used on private citizens, not the government. People are so ignorant.

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@KNOWITALL My part time job is tutoring an autistic boy, and his mother and father are both pretty solidly conservative. His father is a “good-ol-boy” with the accent and the hunting and yada yada. Three times since the November election they have hosted “prepper” parties during my Friday shift with their son. At these parties they have a frighteningly increasing number of guests who all sit around and talk about how they are preparing/going to prepare for the collapse of our government and/or it’s brutal crackdown on them.

Mostly I just laugh it off cuz they haven’t really shown any aggression in it, just paranoia. They’re well aware of my liberal leanings for example, and we just joke about it and avoid actual debate for the most part. But it is still kind of concerning to me that so many people are so concerned as to be hosting and attending these parties.

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Honestly, I don’t think it would take much to set off that powder keg. And I’m a Liberal Republican.

Between the lower -middle class losing tons of homes & equity, jobs/savings, etc…and Obama’s re-election, and now an attack on our right to bear arms and the probability that taxes are going up, the natives are getting restless. Revolution.

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Hilarious… KNOWITALL….

“and now an attack on our right to bear arms and the probability that taxes are going up”

Fact: Taxes are going up.. It isn’t a probability.
Fact: Still no new laws about guns

What the fuck is wrong with you people. Read a damn paper or fucking secede.

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@johnpowell Nothings wrong with me, what’s wrong with you? You must be doing better than the people who lost their homes and jobs, good for you on your high horse.

There are no new laws about guns because the amount of purchases in recent weeks since Obama and the liberals started in about guns again, scares the crap out of them and is, according to them, ‘counter-productive’....duh.

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