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How can I reduce aerodynamic lift in my Honda Integra?

Asked by Crashsequence2012 (2070points) January 11th, 2013

I have a ‘96 (DC1) Integra hatchback.

I’ve installed Eibach’s Pro-Kit spring set offering an advertised 1.5” drop.

As is often the case the drop seems to be more than that amount in the rear for the DC application.

Between the sagging rear end and splitterless front chin air is trapped under the car at highway speeds causing the front end to lighten killing tracking and steering response.

I’d like some options to raise the rear suspension slightly and a functional front splitter for DC1 Integras. There are plenty of choices for DC2 front ends. I don’t wish to bother converting the front end to another USDM style.

Thanks in advance!

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I thought the Integra was an Acura? I know Acura is Honda’s sister company, and many of the vehicles are built on the same chassis, like Audi/VW, Infiniti/Nissan, Lexus/Toyota, Lincoln/Ford, Cadillac/Chevy. Is the Accord the Honda sister-product to the Integra?

I know there are tons of customization forums on the web for VWs, so I’m sure you can find the same for Acura/Honda. I gave my VW to my bf (at the time) when I bought a new one. He put lowering springs on the front wheels only, and that gave the car a nice aggressive stance and must have reduced the aerodynamic lift.

Have you considered lowering just the front wheels? Or is there a mechanical reason that isn’t a good idea?

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I think you’ll find the answer is a better air dam / chin strap. Maybe go up a tire size in the rear

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How about jiggering tire sizes? You might want to leave the front alone as that will affect your speedometer /odometer and effective final drive ratio, but upsizing the rears would level the car out. You might have to get bigger rims if you want low-profile tires, but even a slight change in the cars angle should help.

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Any way to adjust the front springs down or the rears up? How fast are you driving (need to “plead the 5th”?)

I had a slightly modified ‘95 Integra for a while.

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Also, when I had to replace the struts on my old Subaru, I discovered a few interesting things about upper mounts. If you got too much drop in the rear and cannot adjust the springs like you can with certain types of coilovers, maybe a spacer in the top mount would do the trick.

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