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Gangnam Style: Am I the only one who hasn't seen the video?

Asked by Yeahright (2762points) January 12th, 2013

I recently read that this video has been seen more than 900 million times. I have zero interest in watching it. Am I missing something worth seeing here? I want to know how many here haven’t seen it, and if any of you who have actually seen it would recommend it.

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It’s just about a guy making a fool of himself so no you are not missing anything.

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But 900 million people didn’t think so. Or better, they probably thought he was, yet his video got more hits that other really worth seeing stuff. I’m just curious.

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Millions of people liked the star wars prequels, which were even shittier.

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I also have not seen it.

I did, however, see a version of it performed (on TV) at the Christmas in Washington special on PBS. He came out and did “Chtistmas Style”.

Very goofy.

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If you want to watch it you can just saying its not really funny.

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I think it’s hilarious because it’s so stupid. I recommend seeing it. Why not?

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It sounds to me as if you do have an interest in it – otherwise you wouldn’t be asking the question. It would take you less time to just look at it than to survey Fluther about their feelings. And if you don’t like it, just switch it off.

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My friend’s 10 year old daughter and her friend reenacted it for me. That is as close as I got to viewing the video.

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Heard about it…haven’t seen it.

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Gangnam Style: Missed Meaning & Ethnic Message

It is also the most misunderstood song and video today.

PSY’s Gangnam Style song and video is not about sexy ladies and riding horses, which everyone seems to think. Instead, it is a satire about the lifestyle of those who are trying to live a “Gangnam Style” of excess materialism. It pokes fun at so many who are chasing rainbows and dreaming of becoming a Gangnam resident someday, much like those wanting to live the Hollywood lifestyle.

I did a little research because my 8 year old daughter is responsible for several of those 900 million views.

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It’s like watching the video in The Ring, sucks the fucking life out of you & leaves you a lifeless shell wearing a gormless, gaping expression of pure terror…unless you’re under 10, then it’s the dog’s bollocks.

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Never saw it. I doubt it is 900 million views, but there are 9 Million Bicycles in Beijing

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I’ve seen about 15 seconds of it. That was enough to prove to me that I do not need to waste 2 minutes of my life watching the entire thing.

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No, you’re definitely not the only one. There are more people with access to the internet than 900 million and for all I know, so many of those viewings were just repeats. I first got wind of it when Saturday Night live did a sketch with Psy as a guest. I enjoyed the sketch and the beat of the song. And those were really funny dance moves. I suggest not cerebralizing this and just watch it. : )

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Ok… I’m the guy who has never played angry birds because it is a waste of time. But, I’ve seen it – and like it. The skit is actually quite clever. You have to understand it is a spoof. He is making fun of the young “hipsters” or “big timers“who live and frequent the Gangnam district in Seoul. (Usually they are doing it with their parent’s money.)
Just as golf is ridiculously expensive in Japan and is often used as an example of conspicuous consumption, riding horses in Korea is expensive and a ridiculous hobby. These people have to say they ride horses to show they are big timers and sophisticated.
Also the uses the wrong form of describing himself We don’t have the same level of politeness in English but in Korean and Japanese there are many ways to say “I”. You can say it like you are a Samuri, or a man, or a woman, or a kid, or low class. In the song, he calls himself Gangnam style but he uses a low term like almost a female form. It shows being uneducated.
Notice the huge number of scenes and choreographed cuts. They don’t repeat like a typical music video. This was not someone stupid playing with a hand held camera Most Westerners don’t get the joke. Asians get it.
That is why there are over a billion hits now.
If you see it you will understand some of the many well made spoofs.
Workin’ Farmer Style is pretty good.

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I think life is made up of experiences, so this is something you should experience. Why not?

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@LuckyGuy interesting description. The band, Living Colour seemed to describe a similar American lifestyle in their song Glamour Boys. I don’t socialize in those circles (I think I said that correctly), so many of the references were over my head. I’ve enjoyed the song despite not really knowing what it was about.

Makes me interested now to see this Gangnam.

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“Cerebralizing?” WTF!!
“Just watch it.” Err, no thanks :r

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Haven’t seen it. Not interested.

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@ucme Stop cerebralizing you Brit and watch! I bet you would do it naked in front of the mirror afterwards…while having tea…

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@SABOTEUR Japan has a similar district in Tokyo called Roppongi. There are many embassies and expensive real estate inhabited by people with a lot of money or on company expense accounts. To cater to the inhabitants there are fancy night clubs, ridiculously expensive restaurants, and specialty clubs.
Women go there to find rich men. Men go there to find good looking women.
It’s quite fascinating to watch.

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@mazingerz88 You know, for a moment there I thought you were serious : /

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@LuckyGuy It sounds fascinating. That’s for sharing.

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Watch it, why not? Form your own opinion.
I think it’s fun and not any stupider than “Who let the Dogs Out” and other pop wonders.
The dance is flat-out goofy and fun for that reason, in my opinion.

@jonsblond is correct, it’s a satire.
Gangnam, in Korean, means South of the river. In this case the river that runs through Seoul. The Gangnam district is roughly the size of Manhattan and the wealthiest people in the coutry live there and all the big companies have their headquarters there. It is a place of most privilege in the country.
PSY may appear to be making a fool of himself, but in fact it is a send-up of the crassness and self-indulgence of the lifestyle. He grew up there so he should know something about it.

The BEST THING ABOUT THE GANGNAM STYLE VIDEO are the parodies that have sprung up.
Here is a list I put together for a friend recently, of the better productions, in my opinion:
[p.s. “Oppa” is a word like buddy or brother or pal in Korean.]

—Housewife Style – raising money for Breast Cancer Research in UK
—their Christmas special

- Mitt Romney Style

- Oregon Ducks

- Farmer Style

—Baby Gangnam Style

—NBC Olympic Style

—NY together style

—vegan style

Gangnam Style dance How-To

Opera Gangnam Style

Jay Leno – Open Denim Style


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I am glad I asked the question—I almost didn’t! Despite the rather simple wording of my question, I got some really great answers—far beyond my expectations. I will definitely watch it now armed with a more cultural/sociological perspective.

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I’m another who has never seen the video.

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@Yeahright There’s another reason to see it. You will immediately have something in common with virtually every Asian you see. It is a great ice breaker. Ask them to explain it to you.
Believe me, they will be happy to tell you the details.

(Since you started the controversy, let us know what you think.)

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@chyna “My friend’s 10 year old daughter and her friend reenacted it for me. ”
Did they record it ? Did they post it ? Would you recommend it for the meme-dependent ?

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@dabbler No they just did it in the living room for me because I had never heard of it.

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@dabbler and @chyna: You have to see Psy do it – that’s the funny part. Him with his sunglasses on and the girls and the horses.

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@jca Indeed, start with the original, then the parodies will make some sense.
Look for one of the ‘official’ versions, there are a few with small variations, all with PSY.

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