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What things and situations that others find normal do you find ridiculous?

Asked by AstroChuck (37566points) August 17th, 2008 from iPhone

For example, the whole self-congratulating thing. I’ll be in a group of people who are credited with some accomplishment and the speaker will say “give yourself a hand.”. Everyone claps and feels good about themselves. I’ve never understood this. How does giving myself applause do anything but reinforce my narcissistic nature?

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Parents who are hyper-involved in their children’s lives. Who take the credit for their children’s accomplishments. Who scream from the sidelines at sporting events, as if their child is the only one who could possibly : get the ball! take a shot! block him! . You know, that’s why they have coaches.

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Chuck, you wrote this question for me. You didn’t realize it, but you did. Because I find so many “normal” things ridiculous… WHERE DO I START?

My brain just shorted out, I’ll have to come back.

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Drivers in “competition” with each other to be the courteous one who allows the guy at the fast food joint out into traffic…..Like they are going to get a gold star or one step closer to heaven or something.

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When people voluntarily let their dog lick them. i have never understood how one can enjoy kissing a mouth that has just spent its day smelling numerous other dog butts, drank water from your own toilet, and licked its own self in places where the sun don’t shine. Sorry but i guess my love for animals isnt that deep.

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Ewwww. Good one. I agree. My sister does this all the time….and then would try to kiss my babies. Yuck!

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A good topic for this question would be SNAFU

situation normal all f-ed up

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I think it is ridiculous when my neighbor’s, the Amish, wear long sleeved navy blue and black clothes and do manual labor outside when it is 100 degrees in July.

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Reciting the Pledge of Allegance. What the hell is that about? It has a creepy, cultish feel to me.

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Me, too! Glad I’m not the only one.

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I guess I just blew my chances of ever getting elected President

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Harp, I/m with you. It’s like some kind of an indoctrination thing. Very unsettling. Very nationalistic.

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Running for fun.

I’ll run only if I am being chased.

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@tinyfaery: I know, fitness is soooo overrated. Why can’t people just stay home and fluther all day? insert my sarcastic voice

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I do other forms of exercise, like biking, yoga and dance. Just because I don’t like to run doesn’t mean I lack fitness. I think running sucks. You don’t have to.

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Falling apart in an emergency. It drives me NUTS! We have clients who come in thinking that their pet is dying and start screaming at us to “Save him! Do CPR! Save him!” More often than not, the dog is perfectly stable, in no danger…and even if he wasn’t, what does that STUPID HYSTERIA do to improve the situation? It does nothing (nothing!) to help the pet. All it does is get them more attention from everyone else standing in the waiting room (including some who’s pets actually are dying).

What the hell do they do in a true emeregency?

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Voting as if the Constitution’s “all men are created equal” means any American can get rich by some mysterious means – or at least you can.
You vote for people who work as hard as they can to protect the rich guy you fully expect to be; but you won’t ever be the rich guy, because those exact people are working as hard as they can to prevent that from happening.

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hoping the “normal” behavior doesn’t have to be the majority…Renting furniture/TVs!

come on! How can these businesses sleep at night? It’s like Jerry Springer – I don’t know what’s worse: the fact that the show exists, or that there’s an actually market for it!

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Clapping. To signify approval people slam their hands together so the flesh makes a meaty slapping sound. We are cavemen.

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