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What is your favorite popcorn topping?

Asked by bookish1 (13159points) January 16th, 2013

Classic salt and butter? Something more exotic? Nothing at all?

Here are some of mine:
-olive oil, black pepper and parmesan
-butter and red chili powder
-if I’m feeling really decadent, butter and the neon orange cheese powder from packaged macaroni and cheese ;)

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Garlic powder or minced garlic if I have some fresh in the house.

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That greasy yellow goo (not butter, but the fake stuff) plus lots of salt.

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Classic salt and butter, or occasionally that powdered cheese topping you can get for popcorn. But damn, reading your list makes me want to have popcorn at your house, @bookish1.

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Salt, butter and cheddar cheese.

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I use a Japanese seasoning called furikake. It’s a mixture of small bits of nori seaweed, sesame seeds, salt and pepper, and some other things. The butter makes it stick to the popcorn.

What doesn’t stick to the popcorn will stick to the bottom of the bowl, and you can scoop it up with a finger when the popcorn is gon.

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OMG that sounds good! Olive oil, black pepper and parmesan! I must try that. I was going to be boring and say butter and salt. I love caramel corn too but that Is an indulgence I only allow myself at Christmas time. I overdo it (OD on it!) and then I have to swear off for another year so I don’t end up looking like a house.

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BBQ seasoning over real butter.

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@WestRiverrat : Nice, I might try it with garlic powder next time.
@PaulSadieMartin : I always get it with the fake stuff at the movies :)
@Michael_Huntington : No joke, saffron? I have never heard of anyone doing that! I reckon about a quarter cup would be enough, right? ;)
@glacial: Come on over. I’m making another bowl right now. It helps keep me reading all these books, haha.
@marinelife : Do you mean shredded cheddar? I’ve never tried that, only the fake orange cheddar powder!
@Hawaii_Jake : Sounds fantastic…care to send me some? ;)
@Earthgirl : I love caramel corn too in theory but I can’t even remember the last time I had it. Dangerous for a diabetic!
@Aster : Ok, that sounds fantastic. Wow. I’ll try that sometime!

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Sriracha hot sauce.

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I was unaware people people put anything except butter and sugar on popcorn. This pepper and olive oil thing sounds great.

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I like the classic salt and real butter. But my favorite is caramel popcorn. I can never have enough of the crunchy stuff.

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I’m a white cheddar and kettle corn fan.
I buy the microwave kettle corn all the time.
Least favorite is butter and salt.

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In my exuberance, I gave myself a tummy ache tonight, haha.

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@Yeahright I guess we are a good match!
@bookish1 I tried the olive oil (kalamata) parmesan (freshly grated) and black pepper (also freshly grated) recipe. Mmmmm! Thank you, it was so good. I’m going to work on some new recipes now myself. :)

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@Earthgirl : Cool, I’m glad you enjoyed it! Let me know if you come up with any other good combinations.

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@bookish1 Melted cheddar in a pan with just a little milk.

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I use my cajun dry rub occasionally as well. When I want to kick it up a notch.

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Salt and butter.

Unless you are counting caramel popcorn also? But, that is a whole different thing. That is like dessert to me.

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Butter and BBQ rub.

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@JLeslie Now you are in the club with @Yeahright and me! I guess we love the classics, ha ha. But now @bookish1 has inspired me to branch out and get creative!

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@Earthgirl Oh, right. I had not read the other answers. Truth is I rarely eat popcorn, so I guess I am still back in yesteryear, because that was when I used to eat more popcorn.

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I prefer cocoa butter if I am going to go with just butter and salt.

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@Earthgirl Hurrah for the caramel popcorn club!!

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Popcorn topping? What are you talking about? I buy a bag of butter, and use the popcorn as the topping.

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Urk, I had two bags tonight… I can’t even think about popcorn anymore… but next time I reach for it, I’ll give the barbecue a try…

Time for some ginger tea!

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I bought some Cajun-spice-flavored popcorn from a TRAVELLING SALESMAN (no joke, he came to my door) once.

I spend a great deal of my time trying to recreate it. Haha

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OH MY GOODNESS now I’m about to go buy some popcorn. Hehe

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I’d have to go for the classic, but I’ve had like…I guess ’‘dill flavored’’ popcorn. Like dill pickle chips, which I already love…kicks ass on popcorn, too.

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I’m not even familiar with concept of popcorn topping. I’ve only ever stumbled upon popcorn with salt. What a funny idea.

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Out of cajun rub and garlic powder, so I tried some wasabi powder I had in the back of the spice cupboard.

If you try this use sparingly.

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