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Is fluther worth it or not!

Asked by nic81 (58points) January 17th, 2013

checking this site out and dont know how i feel about it.

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Give it time, have a prowl around. Laugh with humour, learn amazing things, and just enjoy Fluther as I think it is a delight.
Just loiter around the edges, be nosey with things you are interested in.
Welcome here, and enjoy!

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Worth what? Your attention? Only you can say. It isn’t for everybody but it’s for those who like it. Step into the pond and try it.

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Maybe it should be renamed L’ Oreal.
Just a quick tip though, it’s normal to squeeze a ? at the end of our…err, questions :¬)

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ha thank ya everyone

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As long as you’re liberal and atheist, you’ll fit in just fine. Also, as long as you don’t take pretentiousness personally.

If these things don’t apply to you, prepare to be torn to shreds.

I personally like it. :)

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It’s a great amusement and more brain candy for those of us that are like parrots and require a large degree of stimulation. :-)

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Can’t start my day without it and my oatmeal.

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Yes. There are some serious, enlightening discussions, mixed in with funny and amusing banter. In general, people have good manners and can disagree politely.

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100% money back guarantee if not fully satisfied.

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I’m a conservative Baptist, and I’ve stuck around, even! (There aren’t many of us.)

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Fluther is definately worth it.
I lurve all of my fellow Jellies.

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Going off of what @livelaughlove21 said, also keep in mind that asking religious questions and other controversial questions will cause inevitable altercations.

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Worth every darn moment you spend here! Part of daily life!

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I’m a conservative liberal atheist Catholic Buddhist with libertarian leanings, and I like the place so far. People write complete sentences and make reasonably well articulated arguments. Sometimes they tell interesting stories. Occasionally there is even a reasonably entertaining imbroglio.

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I’ve found this community to be unlike any other Q&A site. The best on the web, in my opinion. Very useful resource, a fun way to ask and answer, and good people making relevant connections.

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Obviously we think so. YMMV

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I have found it worth spending time here every day for the last four years.

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I enjoy it – too much.

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@LuckyGuy I believe that’s part of why you’re lucky. : )

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Much better than a stick in the eye.

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And you haven’t even seen one of ETpro’s TGIF sexy questions yet!

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Welcome!!! I just found this last year and fell in love with some of these beautiful people with great big hearts and sensitive souls from all over the world. Ignore the big meanies. :)

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Sometimes, it is, yes.

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Yep, it’s a diverse group all the way down the line. Middle aged hippie mountain woman here. Liberal, like my happy brownies and hot tub. California style ya know.
Uh oh @RandomGirl might have to baptise me after we break some brownies and have a little herbal communion. ;-) lol

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Worth it.

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