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Which Prom dress do you guys like the most?

Asked by NostalgicChills (2779points) January 17th, 2013

Yeah, I realize prom is not until May, but I figured why pay 2 or 3 times the price right before Prom comes around when I can buy them a lot cheaper now? Maybe I should give details about physical appearance first:
I’m 5’2, 130 lbs (I’m planning to lose weight and drop down to 120 by then though)
My hair is dark dark dark brown, almost black.
My skin is pale now, but it will be like this by May:
Given that information, which dress do you think would be the best?

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The peach one! And please, not the first. lol

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I hope you know you don’t need to lose weight and you don’t need to make your skin tan. As for the dress, I like the last one.

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First one is tacky. Second one is too “Grecian”. Third or fourth are okay.

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Oh I know. I’m not trying to lose weight for physical appearance reasons, it’s just that I used to be in such good shape, and I want to feel healthy again. As for the tanning, the only reason I say that is because I know by that time, my skin will be about that color. Once it’s springtime I like to spend a lot of time outside.

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@NostalgicChills :) Good girl. I hope you have a lot of fun.

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I like the fourth one best, though the third one is also nice. The first one is a definite “no,” in my opinion, and I agree with @syz that the second one is too Grecian. In fact, that was my first thought upon seeing it.

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I love the fourth one, the purple color is especially gorgeous! The third one is nice, though not my favorite, and the first two are just kind of ehh, in my opinion. Good luck deciding which one to get, keep us posted! :-)

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This drag queen is so jealous. You are going to look gorgeous in anything you wear.

dress #1: Choose only the multi-color gown and only if the theme of the prom is a Hawai`ian luau and your date is in an aloha shirt.

dress #2: Oh my stars, I saw a past life flash before my eyes when I glanced at this dress. It reminded me of being the Delphic Oracle.

dress #3: Lovely. Sweet. Graceful. Tasteful. And ordinary.

dress #4: The eggplant color is overpowering, but the salmon pink one really is eye catching. I love the bust line on this last dress the best.

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#1; the motley one. Go bold. Just kidding.

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Wow! I want like #4.

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I love the last one, and the coral color would look great on your skin tone! I think it’s a great idea for you to buy a dress in advance not just to save money, but also because you will likely need time to have it hemmed since you’re only 5’2”.

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I like the last one too. Especially if you have dark brown hair.

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The last one for sure.

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I’m not a guy, but is it ok if I join in?

The peach dress is gorgeous, and you’d look beautiful and elegant wearing it.

Please don’t choose #1, the strapless high-low nightmare. As my mother’s generation loved to say, it would make you look “cheap.”

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Third or fourth but the fourth in Salmon/peach is my favourite.

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Did you mean to say “I’m not a girl”? xD

Hm. I think I agree with you guys. I’ll go with number four.
But which color? I know how to solve this in a mature way….
eenie meenie miny moe

Just kidding.

If I post a picture of myself, can you guys tell me which color for number four?

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@NostalgicChills Nope! You asked, “Which prom dress do you guys like the most?”, seeking male opinions. I’m not a guy (Paul is my husband’s name), but I really wanted to weigh-in as a gal.

xxoo from Lori

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Oh, I didn’t mean “guys” as in males only. I meant “guys” as in the general Fluther community. I address several people as “guys” way too often. Sorry for the misunderstanding. :(

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@NostalgicChills No worries. I, too, enjoy calling everyone “guys” in a casual, joking way. It’s fun!

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Okay here’s two pictures. I guess seeing the person helps to visualize what color would be best so hopefully this is helpful and I don’t seem like an idiot posting pictures randomly.

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I think the purple would look really nice on you.

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#1 looks too much like a can-can dancer’s dress. I don’t like that one at all.

#2 is very beautiful, but with your coloring, I think it would look even lovelier if it were in a champagne color.

#3 Love it!

#4 I like this dress a lot too, but the purple is just a little too bright of a purple. If it was slightly darker, like the color of a purple eggplant, or maybe if it was Wine Purple it would look more elegant.

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Given your hair colour and skin tone I stand by the 4th dress in purple. BTW and in the most motherly way possible you’re very pretty :)

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If you tan easily, the coral would look better; but if you stay fair, the purple would look better.

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Do you know what colour is most popular this year? You want to look great but also stand out. I agree with @hearkat that the coral would look good with a tan but not without the tan. I like purple but this purple seems a bit bright. It might be the picture though. Can you go and try them on and see what looks good on? Sometimes pictures don’t really give a good impression of colours. The coral could be horrible in real life and the purple beautiful. Or even if you can get a sample of the fabric to look at.

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I like the last one best!

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Definitely the last dress, and I like either the purple or the coral, depending on which you feel looks best on you. You’re going to look great!

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Absolutely no question. The First one. The others look like simpering nothings compared to the first one. I really don’t understand why people don’t like the first one. That dress moves! It shows leg. Maybe even a little cleavage (but not too much). It is an exciting dress and will get a lot of attention. The other dresses will be like every bland dress out there.

Obviously, it depends on how you want to appear. But There was no question in my mind. I instantly loved the first one and the rest just couldn’t compare. Anyway. Just an opinion. No one else agrees, but I felt I needed to make a case if I could.

Which prom is this? Jr? Sr? My daughter will have her prom next year, I guess. I’m not sure she’ll want to go. I never went to a prom. But I’m a certified loser. She isn’t. So maybe she will.

Whatever happens, I hope you enjoy it.

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I liked 31 for the same reason as @wundayatta , but it takes really good legs to pull it off. Ask a friend to give you an honest opinion if you have the legs.

#4 is a great, sexy alternative.

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I’m a guy and I say the first one, preferably in the red color.

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PLEASE DO NOT CHOOSE THE FIRST ONE, IT lOOKS SLUTTY! Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Oh yeah, actually there is. It makes people think that YOU are a slut.

The other 3 are quite classy and pretty.

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@Kardamom what is it about the first one that makes you look slutty?

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I am curious because while I can remember the first dress, the others are just a blur in my memory. As far as I remember, and without looking back at them, what I recall is that they all looked the same; kind of a bland large flowing amount of gauzy material with a few sparkles thrown in, nothing that set any one apart from any other one. Nothing that grabbed my attention and said “Wow!”.
Of course I understand that as a card carrying guy (it’s around here somewhere) I suffer from testosterone blindness but still….

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Interesting that the only people who like the first dress are guys, haha. Don’t listen to them! :p

NostalgicChills's avatar

Sr Prom.

Wow I didn’t realize the first dress was so “slutty”. I’m definitely not that way. xD

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I personally love the hemline of the first one, but not for a high school dance. More for, well, one of my nights out. Unfortunately I hate the top of the dress, so I won’t be buying it.

For you, the last one. I do agree with @Hawaii_Jake that the plum is a bit much unless you have skin that loves jewel tones (i.e.: you’re Indian or Middle-Eastern).

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Slutty means guys like it. Not slutty means girls like it.

The reality is that the girls will be gossiping at the Prom, so you better go with a non-slutty dress. You wouldn’t want to have the other girls see you pleasing the guys. Girls are very catty, to judge by this conversation here. Saying the dress looks slutty is about as catty a remark as you can make, I think.

In my opinion, it’s ok to look sexy. You can look sexy and that doesn’t mean you will go home with any guy. But I think there is a lot of pressure from girls not to stand out in that way, if you want to be known as a “classy” girl. I think this is a form of sexism. I think it is the world again saying it’s ok for guys to be into sex, but not ok for girls.

I was talking to a researcher about this this afternoon. She is studying what young teens at summer camp learn from counselors about sex. Apparently, they talk to boys about it and give them advice about it, but they shy away from talking to girls about it.

The message to girls is about shame. Shame on you if you look slutty. Shame on you if you think about sex or being attractive or relationships or anything like that. Just say no. Even in liberal circles, we see this message. Hell. Even on fluther.

It’s interesting. I suspect this is built into us. Girls will never be treated equally about sex. Sex is always something girls will be encouraged to keep sacred, as if it is something that can be taken from them.

So a dress like the first one, which might excite men, will make a woman think you’re a slut. If that’s the case, then there’s no way you should wear it. Women’s opinions are much more important to you than men’s. That is probably as it should be.

But you know what to do if you want the boys to approve of you. Still, it will scare away a lot of boys, too. It would scare away me. I’d think you were too hot to talk to. So interesting stuff, eh?

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I don’t find the first dress slutty. I don’t find it sophisticated though. It looks better suited for a ‘carnival’ than a prom. If you were going to enter some sort of Latin-American dance comp maybe, but this is your prom so I am presuming you want to look classy and sexy but in an age appropriate way. You are a beautiful girl. You don’t need a ‘flashy’ dress to show off your beauty. A stylish dress, healthy, shiny hair and skin, simple make-up and some lovely shoes and a bag teamed with a big, happy smile and you will look stunning.

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The last one

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I’ll just point out that I’m a guy, and I don’t like the first dress (as already stated). I don’t think it’s “slutty,” as I’m pretty sure that promiscuity doesn’t come with a dress code. I just don’t like it. Specifically, I don’t like the bodice.

Sorry for interrupting the ax-grinding. For a moment there, I thought this question might be asking for genuine fashion advice.

NostalgicChills's avatar

Okay so the first one is out of the question, I don’t really like it anymore anyways. I still don’t think its at all “slutty” though. The girls at my school would never say anything bad about that dress, a majority of them wear dresses for prom that are way more inappropriate than that first one as evidence of junior prom. Even if they did, so what? I’m never going to see them ever again.

NostalgicChills's avatar

I’ll go with the last one.

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I didn’t think dress #1 was slutty…just kind of cheesy and over-the-top. :)

NostalgicChills's avatar

Now that I agree with now

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You know we want your mum to take a photo of you before you leave for your prom to share with us don’t you? You have a few surrogate mums, dads, uncles, aunts, cousins, brothers and sisters here who want to oooh and ahhh at the final look!

NostalgicChills's avatar

Haha I will I promise!
Now if I could just remember that in May…

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Yay, I’m glad you went with the last one! You’ll look great.

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I think that whatever dress you’re buying there, it isn’t the one in the picture.

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Love it! Make sure it’s not a scam, though…

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Yeah I know what you mean. I got my junior prom dress from one of those scam sites where the factory is in China, and it was completely different than the picture. But the difference between that dress and my junior prom dress, is that the grey one can be returned if it is not good quality/damaged/etc. So I figured if its not up to par, I can just return it. Plus it’s not that expensive.

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Returns through eBay to China? I need an Excedrine just thinking about that headache. The Chinese postal system is insane. I once lost $500 in record albums. Where did they go? Who knows?

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@NostalgicChills if you want that dress (or something close to it) could you have it made for you? Do you (or does your mum) have a friend who is a dressmaker? Is it worth getting a quote to have the dress made? I agree with @Seek_Kolinahr the dress you are sent from China is unlikely to look like the picture and sending it back for a refund is likely to be a long-winded and probably fruitless venture.

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The thing with buying online is: Buyer Beware.

Especially on eBay.

The image from the auction shows a picture of an actress on the red carpet, in a several-thousands-of-dollars dress donated to her by a famous designer as an advertisement mechanism. The dress you want to buy is a $75 knockoff made in China by gods-know-whom, and they aren’t even offering a single picture of the finished product.

NostalgicChills's avatar

@Seek_Kolinahr @Bellatrix
Yeah… You guys are right.
I guess if it’s too good to be true, it probably is- right?

Seek's avatar

Most of the time. While occasionally one does get lucky, I’m not into gambling.

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