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How to handle fasting before anesthesia?

Asked by RandomGirl (3357points) January 17th, 2013

I finally got my wisdom teeth extraction scheduled! (Yay!)
But the surgery is at 11 in the morning, and I have to fast for at least 6 hours. I could get up at 4:30 in the morning and eat breakfast. I don’t know if it’s worth it, though.
The one time I went till noon without breakfast, I fainted. Just from the lack of food. I don’t want that to happen this time!
I’ll definitely take it easy before, when I’m low on energy, to avoid fainting.
But is there a way to psych myself out and forget about the hunger? Is it just a matter of occupying myself with other things?
Do you have any suggestions for anything filling to eat before?
Any other suggestions?

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Be very careful. You don’t want food in your stomach when you get put under.
Don’t fill up when you wake up. Just have some crackers or something.

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Try to sleep late. Your body doesn’t get as hungry going without food when you’re asleep.

Any time you have to stand up, do it slowly. Don’t stand for long periods of time. You can ask for a wheelchair at the hospital to get you where you’re going.

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Just don’t eat. That’s really the safest bet. You presumably have to be there earlier? Let them know about your fainting possibility. Good luck!

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Have you considered not being put under? I had all four of mine out in one session, with local anaesthetic. I just played loud music on my iPod to drown out the noise.

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My plan at the moment: stay up late, like till 1 or 2 am, and eat a light meal before going to sleep. Sleep late. Occupy myself with other things until I have to leave (9:30 or so, to get there by 11). Should be ok.
Now I have another question: combine an empty stomach, slight nervousness, and a fairly long drive, and what do you get? Carsickness. At least for me.
Any suggestions for settling an upset stomach without eating anything? (I would usually suck on a peppermint or ginger candy.)

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I had all four of mine pulled with local anesthesia too. The only thing I felt was how hard the dentist was pulling. That I could sense with my neck muscles. But it really didn’t hurt till the local wore off. Then it was time for the pain pills.

Once this is over with, you should work on learning to fast without losing consciousness, though. I’ve gone for 10 days with no ill effects. The strange thing was that after the first two days, I didn’t even think about food. But it sure felt good to go back to eating when it was over. And someday you may need major surgery that will absolutely require general anesthesia. You want to be able to properly prep for it.

Good luck with the surgery. I know it will be better once it’s all heeled and you are free from the pain.

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No chance of going it without general anesthesia. Just the noise and knowledge of what was going on would be enough to make me pass out. One time I just read about a surgery my friend had recently had, an just reading about it made my vision get all blurry! Thank goodness I was sitting down.

So glad I realized what a “weak constitution” I have before I went ahead with this idea of nursing!

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Just don’t eat or drink. You’ll survive.

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I think your idea of staying up late, having a light meal and then sleeping until you just have time to shower, dress and go is a good one. Set your alarm lest you oversleep. And take a book that’s hard to put down to read while you wait. You always have to wait.
I don’t know about car sickness, but you could ask your doctor’s nurse. She will have had the question before.

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Believe it or not, you will not die if you don’t eat for 12 hours. Just live off your fat cells for a while, be tough and stop whining.

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Do you have hypoglycemia? If not, your body will take care of you and you should be fine. That’s a bummer that you have to have general anaesthesia. I got all of mine pulled as well with just local. I was really scared to have surgery two years ago because I’m diabetic. Going under and knowing I wouldn’t be in control of my blood sugar for two hours was one of the scariest things I’ve ever confronted.
Good luck, and best wishes for a quick recovery!

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Before the fast, don’t load up with a bunch of carbs, like pasta or bread. This may seem like a filling thing to eat, but when it is done being digested, you will have a blood sugar crash that will leave you cranky and very hungry, just when you can’t be eating. Proteins and fats (within moderation) are probably better things to eat.

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Agree with @laureth. Eat a late dinner with ½ protein and ½ vegetables. Try to sleep in.

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Eat dinner at the regular time the night before, go to bed, get up and go to the appointment. Just don’t eat before then.

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